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For Starlink, SpaceX bought a Twitter campaign

For Starlink, SpaceX bought a Twitter campaign

November 15, 2022: -Elon Musk’s aerospace business SpaceX is ordering one of the enormous advertising packages available from Twitter, the social media business which acquires in a $44 billion deal and where he is serving as CEO.

According to internal records from the social media business, the campaign promoting the SpaceX-owned and -operated satellite internet service is calling Starlink on Twitter in Spain and Australia.

The ad campaign SpaceX buys to promote Starlink is called a Twitter “takeover.” When a company is purchasing one of these packages, they typically spend forward of $250,000 to put their brand on top of the main Twitter timeline, according to one current and one former Twitter employee who requested to remain unnamed because they were not authorized to talk on behalf of the company.

Users see Starlink brand contacting for the initial three times they open the Twitter app on the day or days of planning the takeover campaign in Australia and Spain. The campaign, purchased in the previous week, was slated to run in the coming days, first in Australia and then Spain.

The current and former employees said that SpaceX has yet to purchase large advertising packages from Twitter typically.

Starlink is employing a constellation of satellites that beam internet down pays subscribers who need to obtain terminals from SpaceX to access it. SpaceX is improving Starlink to provide high-speed internet connectivity to people in locations serving or not served by cable or fibre-optic infrastructure.

In Ukraine, the Starlink service provides critical connectivity to the country’s military and a few civilians as Russia’s brutal invasion obliterated the communications infrastructure there. While SpaceX covered the cost of giving this service in Ukraine, Musk later complained about how donating hurt his company’s profit margins.

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For Starlink, SpaceX bought a Twitter campaign