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COVID-19 themed Cyber Attacks blocked by Microsoft

COVID-19 themed Cyber Attacks blocked by Microsoft

July 8, 2020: Very commonly seen emails these days with the COVID -19 theme and requesting to access the account and, the Cyber attackers hack your computer. The hacks were to transfer the money and collect sensitive information of the user.

Microsoft secretly requested the court to take away the malicious websites and email addresses, who are trying with the spoofed emails. The tech giant ran these operations across 62 countries and blocked the hackers accessing their email account and the web domain.

2019, a total of $1.7billion was lost due to the Cyber Attack.

Microsoft had done this operation in December to stop the attackers and, now the COVID-19 was the new theme detected with spoofed emails. The company sets an example for the effective use of the Federal Court without any official involvement against the cyber attack.

The company displayed how the hackers used to send emails from different company domains pretending as the actual user. The hackers make the user login to the account and eventually collect all the information.

The report presented to the court on Tuesday. However, the company refused to disclose information about hackers. The tech giant submitted a report only once they got hold of the websites and email ids from which the spoofed emails sent.

This unique civil case against COVID-19-themed [business email compromise] attacks has allowed us to proactively disable key-domains that are part of the criminal’s malicious infrastructure, which is a critical step in protecting our customers, said Burt.

It is not the first time Microsoft has done it before the company has helped to take down the hacker’s domain in Iran and Russia.

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