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Fred R. Cooper Managing Partner

As a leader, you know your company. You know the nitty-gritty on how to do what you do. You want to boost your company and thrive and survive in today’s environment; you continually see challenges, but sometimes it seems all you can do is put out the latest fire rather than deal with achieving your long-term goals, visions, and plans. Hence, how can you best deal with the requirements of one of your most important components—your employees—the people you have hired to do what needs to be done to succeed and realize your visions of success? Just as you need to handle your financial and intellectual capital, you need to control your human capital.

Compass HR Consulting is a Full-Service Human Resources and Operations Management Consulting company with the resources and expertise to help get customers where they require to concentrate on what they do best—running a strong business. With trained, qualified, and “real world” backgrounds, Compass HR Consulting can give client-specific “customized” human resources services and assistance to optimize the human resources operations to maximize efficiency, maintain compliance with local, state, and federal requirements and therefore, mitigate risk.

They are available to provide client-specific/topic-specific project assistance and serve as a company’s strategic Human Resources business partner, providing Director, Vice President, and Executive Vice President-level experience in Human Resources and Operations for a fraction of the cost or on a “per project” basis. In either case, Compass HR Consulting will provide clients with the right amount of highly professional HR services needed to sustain, maintain, and grow their business. By engaging Compass HR Consulting as ab on-site professional Human Resources Business Partner, clients save considerable costs in not paying for a Director or Vice President’s full-time HR services.

In addition to high-level Human Resources Management talent and experience, Compass HR Consulting Principals and several of their Associates/Senior Consultants also have high-level Operations and related experience at the VP or C-level for mid-to-large sized organizations. Therefore, Compass HR Consulting can bring the talent, expertise, skills, experience, and background to deal with not just a client’s Human Resources issues but can tie Human Resources into their overall strategic plan, budgeting, “futures planning,” and operations to provide efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the organization.

Some companies cannot solve problems from within. Compass HR Consulting can come in and get any company’s set to points north in all departments for a fraction of the cost of running an HR department.

For instance, an Electronics Manufacturing Systems business—selling and servicing equipment used in the manufacturing of electronic equipment and components—experienced above-average market turnover in its sales and service staff and difficulty attracting replacements. The senior management team, inclusive of the HR business partner, diagnosed the problem as having two root problems. The problems stemmed from inequitable compensation, below-market pay practices, and the performance management process. These lead to paying inequities and poor morale. A new compensation idea was developed with a Total Compensation Focus. Recruitments were market priced, new job grades and salary ranges were incorporated, and all jobs were placed in grades based on their contribution and market price. Incentive compensation was included based on market analysis, for entry-level and lower-paid jobs virtually, all compensation as a base salary. Professional, sales jobs, managerial included variable compensation based on organization and individual results. Managers were instructed in performance management and appraisal, including building SMART objectives and evaluating results. The plan was well-received by managers and employees. Compensation inequities were significantly reduced in the first year, and multi-year action plans were in place for all others. Turnover was reduced by one-third. A review of performance appraisals showed improvements in the quality of the documentation and the distribution of ratings. Merit increases were linked to performance appraisal results and the merit increase in the budget. The improved business performance resulted in the incentive compensation providing solid recognition of business and individual results.

Compass HR Consulting’s goal is to come alongside a business and meet their specific HR and operational/organizational needs. The company ensures to use the latest resources developed to help clients care for their most valuable asset—people. With the incorporation of Compass HR Consulting’s services, companies can witness improved employee morale and a “bottom line” that makes everyone happier. Compass HR Consulting is uniquely accommodated to produce consistent, successful outcomes for companies large and small. The bottom line is that they endeavor to give the best HR advice and support possible so customers can concentrate on what they do best—running a business. They are available for on-going engagements, short-term projects, and problem identification and resolution. “You determine how our help is structured. We can serve as your strategic HR Business Partner or we can provide project-specific services,” says the company’s official website. “With the right tools, you can persevere in today’s ever-changing work environment. Let’s face it, all people are complex. Your employees represent your human capital! In order to fight in your industry and grow your business, you need to manage this means. It is your greatest asset and source of competitive advantage.”

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“In order to fight in your industry and grow your business, you need to manage this means. It is your greatest asset and source of competitive advantage.”

Fred R. Cooper

Managing Partner

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