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Ceridian - A comprehensive, modern cloud HCM software platform

Ceridian | A comprehensive, modern cloud HCM software platform

David Ossip

Chairman and CEO

Ceridian is one of the leading human capital management (HCM) software companies. Dayforce, their flagship cloud HCM platform, presents human resources, payroll, bonuses, workforce management, and talent management abilities in a single solution. The platform helps clients manage the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring and onboarding to paying people and promoting their careers. Ceridian presents solutions for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global organizations.

Dayforce is a global HCM software platform that converts the employee experience. It consolidates data from across the entire employee lifecycle to facilitate better decision-making at every level. Their scalable HCM software is built with a single, manageable rules engine combined with real-time updates and circumspection to address complex regulatory requirements.

Traditionally, payroll admins have been incapable of accessing their data until after the pay period had expired and consistently ran out of time for audits. Dayforce has a single, extensible rules engine for time and pay. This means that pay is calculated continuously during the pay period, giving administrators the time they require to produce high-quality pay. Payroll software empowers your team to continuously enter and audit data throughout the pay cycle instead of expecting until the pay period closes. This presents them with more time for reviews and audits, ensuring a more comprehensive and accurate payroll submission.

The company has made payroll simpler by combining payroll and time in a single system. They have built their solution to bridge the gap between pay and time, removing the pressure and burden of the traditional payroll process. Enabling payroll administrators to access their data throughout the pay period provides them more time for reviews and audits, ensuring less rework and more exceptional accuracy.

With data stored in a particular, central location, get data-driven insights across all HR duties so users can make better decisions for the entire employee lifecycle. Dayforce HCM software reduces the need for complicated integrations to analyze workflows, increase accuracy, and enhance compliance. Get accurate data to the right people at the right time. Dayforce provides significant data-driven insights to help you make fast, informed decisions. Advanced predictive technologies help align business strategy with daily operations. Access Dayforce’s HCM software using the device of their choice on the web or mobile. Dayforce is straightforward to learn and easy to operate. It gives employees control of their data with anytime access and supports organizations to make sure their employee information is correct and up to date.

Crescent Bank knows firsthand the financial difficulties people face. The New Orleans-based lender has been giving subprime auto loans to customers for the past 30 years. While Crescent Bank is a growing company that prides itself on taking great care of its employees and remaining true to its core values, the call center’s challenging environment means turnover is high. Crescent Bank selected Dayforce three years ago to decrease manual processes and dependence on paper, streamline its recruiting, and decrease its time-to-hire. The company now uses Dayforce for payroll, bonuses, HR,  recruiting, time and attendance, onboarding, and performance.

“We were not happy with our previous payroll provider. We had a lot of disparate systems across the bank fulfilling different functions. We selected Dayforce because we wanted everything in one system. We wanted our employees to be able to access one system for their pay, performance management, and benefits,” says Stephen Notarianni, Crescent Bank’s CFO. “From my point of view as CFO, the biggest value Dayforce provides is the dollar savings. We now pay for one consolidated system instead of multiple, disparate systems. Since moving to Dayforce, we’ve saved about $40,000 a year.”

According to Ceridian, engaging, and caring for the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic is important to employee wellness and productivity. The company is providing complimentary COVID-19 related learning means to help. Content includes stopping the spread of COVID-19, managing remote teams, and more. Alongside, as employees are struggling to handle the financial challenges that COVID-19 has brought, the company’s Dayforce Wallet provides employees access to their earned wages any time during a pay period so they can get their money sooner to help address unforeseen financial needs.

According to David Ossip, Chairman, and CEO of Ceridian. “We remain focused on our growth agenda, and we believe we are well-positioned to take advantage of changing market dynamics to capture market share and to grow profitability.” He adds, “We expect Dayforce recurring services revenue growth, excluding float revenue and on a constant currency basis, to be above 19% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the first quarter of 2020, including an anticipated $1 million to $2 million of improvement from increased customer employment levels.”

“We remain focused on our growth agenda, and we believe we are well-positioned to take advantage of changing market dynamics to capture market share and to grow profitability”

David Ossip

Chairman and CEO

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