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Chinese hospital stated that half of its attendants tested positive for Covid

Half of Chinese hospital staff tested positive for Covid

January 13, 2023: -Half of the workers at the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine are getting Covid-19 in the most outstanding lock, director Liu Qingquan said on Wednesday.

Liu told reporters the workers all are recovering by taking traditional Chinese medicine. He stated out of the 1,000 staff infected, only one had high blood stress and increased pneumonia.

China has enabled using standard Chinese medicine alongside Western treatment for Covid. Preferably than pharmaceutical drugs, traditional Chinese medicine relies on based remedies and natural methods to help the body heal.

In December, the omicron variant swept China as authorities abruptly ended most Covid controls. Local sources stated that tens of thousands are rushing to fever clinics in a single day in Beijing alone. Local businesses said that most of their staff become sick within a week before recovering.

Due to the increase in patients, doctors and nurses couldn’t return home for federal days, Liu said. He noted that the health workers sometimes had to work while sick and taking medication.

In the previous two weeks, officials in Beijing and other Chinese urban centres have said they’ve passed the worst of the Covid outbreak.

While the situation is easing, “from the perspective of the hospital, our pressure is very great,” Wang Guiqiang, director of the infectious diseases area at Peking University First Hospital, said Wednesday.

The hospital is turning additional wards into areas for intensive care and trained doctors becoming ICU nurses, Wang stated.

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Chinese hospital stated that half of its attendants tested positive for Covid