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Chinese E.V. label Li Auto is experiencing first-quarter deliveries swell by 66%

April 4, 2023: According to company releases, Chinese electric car brand Li Auto delivered more cars than Xpeng did in the initial quarter.

Li Auto provided 20,823 vehicles in March, for 52,584 deliveries in the first three. That’s up by almost 66% from the initial quarter of 2022.

In contrast, Xpeng only gave 18,230 cars in the initial quarter, down by about 47% from a similar period a year ago.

Xpeng provided 7,002 vehicles in March, above the monthly average for the first quarter. Almost half of the deliveries in the previous month were of the firm’s new P7i sports sedan launched in March.

Nio reported first-quarter provides of 31,041, up 20.5% from a year ago. The firm delivered 10,378 vehicles in March.

Li Auto’s vehicles, all SUVs, have a fuel tank charging the battery and extending the driving range.

Comparatively, Tesla’s mid-size SUV, the Model Y, sells in a cost range of 261,900 yuan to 361,900 yuan.

Xpeng’s G9 SUV begins at 309,900 yuan. The firm’s new P7i sedan starts at 249,900 yuan and costs 269,900 yuan if drivers want to utilize Xpeng’s assisted driving tech for cities. Tesla’s version of the tech, Full Self Driving, isn’t available in China.

However, Xpeng’s assisted driving tech for cities is available in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai, where the rollout began Friday.

The Chinese E.V. startups’ delivery figures pale compared to BYD, whose numerous models sell at various prices.

BYD stated that it sold 264,647 purely battery-powered passenger cars in the initial three months of the year, up over 80% from a year ago. Hybrid passenger vehicle sales doubled started by a year ago to 283,270 in the initial quarter.

On Tuesday, Tesla said it delivered over 422,000 cars worldwide in the first quarter. The firm did not break out figures for China, which typically accounts for over 20% of Tesla’s revenue.

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Chinese E.V. label Li Auto is experiencing first-quarter deliveries swell by 66%