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China’s Huawei is launching a rival to the Amazon Kindle

China's Huawei is launching a rival to the Amazon Kindle

March 01, 2022: -On Sunday, Huawei launched a slew of the latest products, including a rival to Amazon’s Kindle, as the Chinese tech giant looks to inject life into its consumer business that has been hurt by decreasing smartphone sales as U.S. sanctions.

The Huawei MatePad Paper is the first e-reader device and features a 10.3-inch display of the company. Huawei positioned this as a valuable product for the work environment.

It is compatible with the Huawei M-Pencil, which can be used across different products.

Huawei says that writing on the MatePad Paper with the electronic pencil feels such as writing on actual paper due to the slight bit of friction and the sound gave off. Users can convert handwritten notes into the text as well.

“The MatePad Paper is the interesting product in Huawei’s recent range,” said Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight. “These products are growing in popularity because of their extremely long battery life, ultra-thin designs, and easy-to-read screens that are said to be less fatiguing than traditional LCDs.”

Huawei launched the generation of its flagship laptop called the MateBook X Pro, positioned as a rival to Apple’s Macbook. It showed off the Huawei MateBook E, a tablet with a detachable keyboard.

The Chinese technology giant also took the wraps off the Matestation X, an all-in-one PC and screen designed to compete with Apple’s iMac.

These were previously launched in China, and the company is now bringing them to international markets.

With the new products, Huawei hopes to boost its consumer division which has been hurt by U.S. sanctions that have cut the Chinese firm off from critical components and technology and crippled its smartphone business.

But finding an appeal with international consumers for these products could be challenging.

“Its hardware remains as competitive as ever, but selling products into Western markets will be challenging given the sustained brand damage the company has endured,” Wood said.

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China’s Huawei is launching a rival to the Amazon Kindle