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CanSino acquired emergency Covid-19 vaccination support

CanSino acquired emergency Covid-19 vaccination support

September 6, 2022: -On Sunday, China’s CanSino Biologics said that its recently developed Covid-19 vaccine had been approved by the drug regulator for emergency use as a boost, potentially benefiting its business.

The company said on Sunday that the inhaled version of Cansino’s adenovirus-vectored Covid-19 vaccine had taken the green light from the National Medical Products Administration.

“The approval will simply affect the performance of the vaccine is subsequently purchased and used by appropriate government agencies,” CanSino added.

The company cautioned that it would face intense competition from other vaccines in China that have gained government support or are in clinical trials.

China has an emergency use authorization for Livzon Pharmaceutical Group’s Covid-19 vaccine as a champion. Livzon said, one of just two recent products against the disease the government had cleared in over a year.

Cansino said that it was uncertain when its vaccine would be able to go to market since additional administrative approvals are still needed. Sales depend on the Covid-19 situation at home and abroad and China’s vaccination rate.

China has seen the latest flare-up in Covid outbreaks. The southern tech hub of Shenzhen imposed a weekend lockdown in most parts of the city on Saturday. At the same time, the southwestern metropolis of Chengdu put its 21 million people under lockdown on Thursday.

Mainland China reported 1,848 new coronavirus cases on September 3, including symptomatic and asymptomatic infections, compared with 1,988 new patients a day earlier.


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CanSino acquired emergency Covid-19 vaccination support