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Budget resolution approved by Senate

Budget resolution approved by Senate

February 5, 2021: The Senate passed a budget resolution, looking to give a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill after a marathon of votes on the amendments. On Wednesday, The House approved a budget measure. After the Senate passes a different version, the chamber will have to vote again.

If the resolution is approved, it will allow Democrats to forge ahead with the budget reconciliation process, which will enable the party to pass a rescue package with no Republican votes.

 While Biden hopes to win Republican support for the aid plan, Democrats have started to set up the framework to pass the proposal as soon as possible without GOP support.

 Democrats would have to win 10 Republicans over in a Senate split 50-50 without using reconciliation.

Multiple amendments passed during the voting, though they were not clear how they would affect final legislation as many were vague.

They included measures that prevented high-income people from getting stimulus checks, another to set up a grant program for restaurants, and one to bar tax increases on small businesses during the pandemic.

Democrats said they could not wait to pass a bill if talks with Republicans on a bipartisan plan do not yield a breakthrough. They have said nearly $2 trillion in spending is necessary to rein in the pandemic and prevent future economic pain.

 $618 billion counter-proposals were offered by republicans to Biden, as they argue Congress can limit additional spending after it passed a $900 billion aid bill in December.

 A group of GOP lawmakers in a meeting with Biden on Monday sent him a letter on Thursday, asking about the amount of school funding in his plan and praising him for considering lowering the income cap for stimulus checks.

Democrats aim to pass a relief package before March 14, when a $300 per week unemployment supplement approved in December expires.

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