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Bentley to end creation of the 12-cylinder engine as it changes to EVs

February 23, 2023: -Bentley Motors is planning to end the creation of its 12-cylinder engine in the coming April as the famed luxury carmaker changes to electric vehicles.

The British automaker of ultra-luxury performance cars stated the milestone would be present with the most potent version of the W12 engine ever made, with 740 horsepower.

The brand had announced that the upgraded engine would only be used in 18 Bentley Baturs, making the two-seat performance vehicles that begin at about $2 million. The cars are already sold, the prestigious automaker stated.

“The time has come to withdraw this now-iconic powertrain as we take steps to electrify,” Bentley Chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark stated. 

The W12 wrap is a recent example of automakers turning to all-electric vehicles. In the previous year, Bentley also said it would spend 2.5 billion pounds in the coming ten years to become a fully electric luxury label by 2030.

The firm, owned by Volkswagen, stated a limited amount of W12 engines with 649 horsepower are present for versions of the Continental GT, Bentayga and Flying Spur.

According to the firm, the production of the W12 engine will be replaced with the expanded assembly of V8 and V6 hybrid engines. Bentley says it has produced over 100,000 W12 engines since the group began in 2003.

The company plans to transition the 30 workers who make the engine at its famed Crewe, England, plant too many operations.

Bentley’s electric vision aligns with different automakers but differs significantly from its famed rival, Ferrari. The Italian sports car manufacturer, which presently produces V6, V8 and V12 engines, has stated that it will keep doing so as long as there is sufficient demand for them.

Bentley to end creation of the 12-cylinder engine as it changes to EVs