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At the site of Russian pipeline leaks, explosives were found

At the site of Russian pipeline leaks, explosives were found

November 21, 2022: -On Friday, Sweden’s prosecutor’s office said that an investigation into gas leaks from the underwater pipelines related to Russia and Germany found traces of explosives, confirming that it is a “serious sabotage.”

Swedish and Danish investigators are searching for detonations on the Nord Stream 1 and stream two pipelines on September 26 that sent gas spewing to the areas of the Baltic Sea.

The explosions trigger four gas leaks in four areas: Denmark’s economic zone and Sweden’s economic zone.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority stated that “residues of explosives have been recognized on several of the foreign products seized,” according to a translation.

It added that work continues “to be able to draw safe conclusions about the incident,” further saying that the investigation is “complex.”

“The continued preliminary investigation must experience whether someone can be served with suspicion and prosecuted,” it added.

Many in Europe doubt the Nord Stream gas leaks were the outcome of an attack, mainly because it occurred in a bitter energy standoff between the European Union and Russia.

Meanwhile, Moscow says that dismissed states that it destroyed the pipelines.

Swedish and Danish governments have previously put the magnitude of these blasts at 2.3 and 2.1 regarding the Richter scale, which they stated likely corresponded to an explosive load of “many hundred kilos.”

Climate scientists stated the disturbing images of gas spewing to the top of the Baltic Sea in September as a “reckless release” of greenhouse gas that, if deliberate, “amounts to an environmental crime.”

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At the site of Russian pipeline leaks, explosives were found