Apple is reportedly preparing a high-end watch with a recent design

Apple is reportedly preparing a high-end watch with a recent design

July 27, 2022: -Apple is reportedly prepping to debut a high-end Apple Watch with a larger screen and a new design, according to a Bloomberg report.

Apple boosted the screen size with the Series 7 watches last year, which offer an edge-to-edge mesh that withdraws much of the border on earlier models. But Bloomberg said the new high-end model would feature the rather significant configuration change since 2018 with a screen that’s 7% bigger than the Series 7.

The report said it would have a rugged design, longer battery life, and a body-temperature sensor.

It may be a sign Apple stands targeting Garmin’s Fenix 7 series watches, which have big screens, long battery life, and rugged designs. Those watches are popular among hikers and runners who require longer battery life than the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch deals stand included in the group’s “Other Products” segment, which reported $8.81 billion in revenue last quarter, up 12.3% yearly. The changes could help Apple cater to an audience that has not bought an Apple Watch.

According to the report, Apple is also expected to announce a new version of its $279 Apple Watch SE. The SE models generally include features found in earlier iterations of the Apple Watch but at a lower price.

On Thursday, Apple is set to report its quarterly earnings.

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Apple is reportedly preparing a high-end watch with a recent design