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American Airlines stopping flying to four cities

American Airlines stopping flying to four cities

June 24, 2022: -American Airlines plans to drop assistance to four U.S. cities in September, including Dubuque, Iowa, losing scheduled commercial air service altogether.

The Fort Worth-based carrier blamed the service cuts on a shortage of regional pilots. American, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines have scaled back service between some more additional small municipalities and their hubs, citing a lack of aviators.

The four cities Toledo, Ohio; Islip, N.Y.; Ithaca, N.Y., and Dubuque, will each lose service from America on Sept. 7, after Labor Day.

“We’ll proactively reach out to clients scheduled traveling after this date to offer alternate arrangements,” American said in a report.

American Airlines restricted airline subsidiaries that served the airports. Last week, those carriers jacked up pilot salaries to stem the shortfall, which comes after several airlines shed aviators during the pandemic only to be caught flat-footed when travel demand snapped back.

Holly Kemler, the spokeswoman for Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport, said the airport staff “are miserable” by America’s decision.

“Please note, this decision was made solely by the airline, primarily due to a shortage of regional pilots,” she said. “Unfortunately, we understand this is a continued trend in the aviation industry.”

Kemler said sun-seeker-focused airline Allegiant still serves the airport.

American Airlines said aviation will still serve the cities at different airports that are between 45 miles and 120 miles out.

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American Airlines stopping flying to four cities