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Amazon is slashing more than 18,000 careers following the earlier discussions

Following earlier negotiations, Amazon is cutting over 18,000 jobs.

January 6, 2022: On Wednesday, Amazon said it would cut over 18,000 jobs, a more significant number than the e-retailer initially said it would eliminate in the previous year.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the cuts, which Amazon said preempted its planned announcement.

“We typically wait to communicate regarding these outcomes until we can speak with the impacted people,” CEO Andy Jassy stated in a memo to employees that the firm published on its blog. “However, because one of our teammates is leaking this information externally, we are deciding it was better to convey this news earlier so you can hear the details from me.”

Tech companies are choosing in 2023 where they left off last year, preparing for an extended economic downturn. Salesforce said Wednesday would reduce headcount by 10%, impacting more than 7,000 employees. Both Amazon and Salesforce admitted they hired too rapidly during the Covid pandemic.

Amazon acknowledged that it had added workers too quickly in warehouses as customers shifted to online ordering. The company employed 1.54 million individuals at the end of the third quarter.

In November, Jassy said Amazon would eliminate roles, including at its physical stores, devices, and books divisions. It was also reported that Amazon was looking to lay off around 10,000 employees. Now the number is higher.

“Amazon has weathered uncertain and difficult economies in the past, and we will keep doing so,” Jassy wrote. “These changes will support our long-term opportunities with a big cost structure; however, I’m also optimistic that we’ll be inventive, resourceful, and scrappy in this time when we’re not hiring expansively and eliminating some roles.”

Amazon plans to inform employees who will lose their jobs starting January 18, Jassy wrote, noting that most cuts will come in the stores and People, Experience, and Technology groups.

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Amazon is slashing more than 18,000 careers following the earlier discussions