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AI-Powered Cyber Attack and Sophistication

AI-Powered Cyber Attack and Sophistication

Data hackers no more have the intention to steal the data, they intend to manipulate the data. AI can be used as a weapon by the hackers and, the purpose might be vindictive or malevolent. The attack code is trailblazing and can mutate itself to avoid detection and thereby compromise the entire system. This is the Sophistication of cybercrime and, this building trend might be destructive that might bring down systemic failure and also question the data integrity. Emotet can manifest the attack along with the AI. AI can imitate the individual by studying the emails, messages and then writing the communication, the credibility of this email or text will be quite high that it would be impossible to distinguish or determine the communication out of the forged ones. The majority of the attacks reach through the inbox.

AI helps hackers blend into the environment. Many potential threats are capable of being present in the environment for months and pose no immediate threat and can not be either detected. Their movements will be strategic trespassing, all the traditional limitations of security and control. Merely putting up bay steps towards the specific target might be an individual or an entire organization. AI enables the analysis of a large amount of database with a speed like never before that helps the hacker to encroach in no time. Also, the blending ability for longer duration makes it quite evident that it can spread across quite many systems in an organization. 

AI enables us to meet all the sophistication in the blink of an eye. The AI incorporated attack will not have any effect on the traditional set up of the security and controls. AI is changing and advancing in such a way that it can not be categorized as a threat since it doesn’t have any standard operating procedure. Most of the organizations have a highly connected ecosystem and, an AI-driven attack in a jiffy compromises the entire database. 

AI will further manipulate and compromise the database in a manner that can not be either coped or repaired by human intelligence. An oil rig that has geo prospection data if in the case is manipulated by the hackers via AI might end up in a disaster that some cases might be irreparable. If the medical records in the database are changed, the physicians might end up treating for a wrong diagnosis. 

One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs –Window Snyder.

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