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AI-driven heart scan, Caption Health raises $53 million

AI-driven heart scan, Caption Health raises $53 million

July 16, 2020: The California based healthcare startup founded in 2013, continues to grow in a new market by providing a unique solution to the cardiology department. Heart disease and death through heart disease is approximately 640,000+ every year in the United States.

Charles Cadieu is leading his team towards a better technology-driven healthcare market. The company is focusing on delivering an ultrasound imaging system with AI installed that allows any unskilled labor to scan by using the device.

Medical Imaging department is always with patients waiting for the report as this was performed only by experts and, patients had to wait for hours to get a report in hand. But this is resolved by the Caption Health company wherein any nurse or healthcare professional can use it to find the report in hand.

“We have kind of cracked this problem where our AI empowers these medical providers to perform and interpret ultrasounds,” says Cadieu. The company announced Series B funding of $53 million on Wednesday that makes a total of $60 million funding to date from 2013.

The current coronavirus situation is handled, as this software will help you to perform the task much faster without much interaction. The company has received FDA approval in May and, the company already has 11 hospital customers to work with this year.

While other companies, such as Butterfly, have focused on how to miniaturize the ultrasound device itself, what makes Caption Health standout is the focus on making a complex procedure easier, says Armen Vidian, a partner at DCVC. “It solves the problem of actually being able to capture those high-quality images with turn-by-turn directions, almost as simply as if you are using Waze for your morning commute,” says Vidian.

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