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3D Printing is the lesson learned from pandemic for Manufacturing Industry

3D Printing is the lesson learned from pandemic for Manufacturing Industry

July 9, 2020: The pandemic situation is the lesson for the manufacturers and distributors to focus on the infrastructure and the advanced technologies. There were situations where the companies ran short of resources, short of equipment, hospitals were short of medical equipment, and many more. 3D printing was in the spotlight and became the need for the very first time in history.

3D printing will be the need in the coming days and change industry verticals for a better future. Below listed are changes we can see in the coming days.

Engineered Supply chain: More than 50K companies had at least one component coming from the Chinese provinces and Italy. The pandemic in these two countries has impacted much on the Supply Chain. A couple of companies introduced to 3D printing in a similar pattern. The companies had to go ahead with digital printing/ 3D printing to manufacture the component. 3D Printing helped to reduce the cost as there is no middle man involved and, you produce the required end products directly.

Innovation will continue: The companies who just used 3D printing as an alternate for the current pandemic situation want to go ahead and invest more in the technology to make it a full-fledged production. Once the companies see the profit and reduced cost in the process, 3D printing will be the future for the manufacturing industry.

Early adopters will have the impact: Companies who have adopted the advanced technologies in 2015 are running smoothly with better production and in a better position. The companies who tried with 3D printing to overcome the pandemic should invest and adapt the change to have a better tomorrow.

Sustainability: As the future is all about clean air and a clean environment, the companies will focus on technologies that will be eco-friendly. 3D printing helps to reduce pollution, and futuristic in nature would make more companies adopt in the coming days.

As technology advancement is ongoing, and choosing the right technology at the right time would help the companies grow faster. 3D printing is the future of the Manufacturing industry.

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