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Charles Pooley

CEO of Workfolio

After Workfolio launched its first product, a personal website builder for career advancement, many companies asked Workfolio how their innovative solution could be adapted for organizations and professional service firms’ specific needs.

At many professional service firms, every staff member must maintain several versions of their profile; one to be found on the firm’s internal directory, one that might be public or shown on social media, and others tailored for client projects. Traditional staff directory applications have a one-to-one relationship between the member and their profile. Workfolio Directory lets firms manage every profile version (Workfolio calls them “variants”) in a single place. And for public or client-facing profiles, Workfolio Directory has unique content approval workflows that give firms peace of mind and satisfy regulatory requirements for brand content.

Fast-forward a few years, and Workfolio Directory is being used by some of the world’s most respected firms, a new opportunity began to surface. Professional service wanted to build private pages for their clients that contained a select group of members along with specific profiles tailored to the client’s project.

In response, Workfolio created Client Microsites to build a private, co-branded website that contains all the content clients get during the sales process, including pitch decks, case studies, whitepapers, blogs, videos, links, and welcome letters.

“The combination of Workfolio Directory and Client Microsites gives professional service firms a complete solution for managing their staff directory and how they organize sales content to prospects.” Client Microsites differentiates firms from competitors, conveniently organizes sales content for prospects, better engages clients during pursuits, and provides useful insights to improve pitches. “The results are that our customers see a 17% increase to their new client win-rate with 98% of their prospects saying they prefer to receive sales content via Client Microsites than traditional methods such as email.” Pooley goes on to say that “there were a lot of forces at work making Client Microsites the standard way firms pitch clients, but the pandemic accelerated those. Client Microsites the fastest-growing part of our business.”

Workfolio’s Founder & CEO Charles formed the company in 2009 to help make people and work more visible. Workfolio helps individuals and enterprises get more out of the work they do. “Our innovative applications build personal brands and bolster careers, power workforce directories, enhance client experiences, and beautifully showcase work to millions of people in more than 100 countries worldwide,” says Charles. Workfolio’s applications are beautifully designed with simple user experiences while also providing deep levels of features individuals and companies need to showcase people and work. It is pertinent to mention that Workfolio partners with some of the world’s largest companies to continually evolve their applications to match user needs and customer expectations.

Workfolio prides itself on being authentic, and custom-solution provides and has never developed copy-cat applications. “Everything we build has never been done quite like it before and we have been awarded 13 patent claims not easy to obtain for software applications,” says Charles. “For example, how we represent people utilizes ‘Profile Intelligence’ which is are more than 100 points of statistically proven best practices on how profiles should be constructed to get the most value from them.” This is the reason why Workfolio has culminated as one of the World’s leading providers of professional staff directories and client microsites.

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“Workfolio’s staff directory and client microsites applications are transforming workforce visibility and client engagement for millions of users around the world.”

Charles Pooley

CEO of Workfolio

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