Wisdom Announces Smart Ports 4.0 Summit – A Platform to Explore

Wisdom Announces Smart Ports 4.0 Summit - A Platform to Explore

Smart Ports 4.0 Summit

Harmonizing the Human Factor in the Digital Revolution Era

29 – 30 September, 2021 | Virtual Event

Wisdom is proud to announce its much-anticipated Smart Ports 4.0 Summit to be held on 29 and 30 September 2021, virtually. The summit aims to assist the traditional ports and maritime sector in embracing the digital future by using the right knowledge and the right combination of technology and human capital.

An excellent platform for learning from and interacting with senior industry representatives, the summit will help the attendees gain a deeper understanding of the upcoming technology transformations, critical infrastructure, security goals, automation and autonomous trends, most recent global activities and trade dynamics and their impact on daily operations, and the industry as a whole.

Featuring case studies, panel discussions, and sessions purely based on industry research, the Smart Ports 4.0 Summit will focus on comprehending the existing industry knowledge and combining it with the industry’s vision of the future.

With six advisory members already, this two-day virtual event will count on 20+ expert speakers from prominent organizations like Port of Rotterdam, Port of Barcelona, Port of Amsterdam, Port of Antwerp, Port of Hamburg, Port Authority of Valencia, ENISA, Port of Seattle, and many more.

Key Topics:

  • Mandatories, processes, and procedures regulating daily activities of the ports
  • Ports’ physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Harmonised digital ecosystem across the maritime supply chain
  • Key technology advancements already in place
  • Key emerging trends and advancements: blockchain and 5G technologies
  • Evolution of ports into fully integrated innovation hubs
  • Most recent updates on global digitalisation trends and technologies
  • Fully autonomous ports of the future

The Smart Ports 4.0 Summit will offer a great opportunity to the industry stakeholders to explore and discuss the latest advancements and connect with key players within the maritime arena for embarking upon the digitalisation journey and securing a sustainable future.

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