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Visionet | Compete, Win, & Sustain Growth | Arshad Masood

Arshad Masood

Founder & CEO

As multiple solutions are being used to manage the overall business in most organizations, one can find immense data inconsistencies and delays in information sharing for operational execution and decision making. The usage of legacy technology impedes the organization to scale and grow to the next level, and clients do not have a central warehouse to provide enterprise-level analytics. New Jersey-based Visionet is a premier technology solutions and business process management company solving these challenges. They have been providing strategic business value to an extensive and impressive list of marquee customers across various industries. Visionet delivers high-impact strategies, techniques, and technologies that help clients compete, win, and sustain growth in a hyper-competitive, digitally disruptive market.

Visionet creates sustainable and scalable digital, data analytic teams and processes, alongside fine-tuning operational performance on feedback and operational statistics. By using lean manufacturing, the company focuses on process-thinking to achieve continuous efficiencies and build solutions with robust foundations to detect abnormalities and security issues. They strive to minimize the time and effort to turn a customer need into an analytic idea while modernizing legacy applications to Micro 

services-based architecture.

Visionet’s Retail end-to-end business solutions and service offerings address the most pressing needs of retailers and enable them to generate demand in a global Omni-Channel environment. For Apparel & Footwear Retail Industry, they have introduced Haute Logic—a cutting edge end-to-end Intelligent fashion solution for Dynamics 365—designed to seamlessly extend the intelligent Microsoft cloud and Dynamics 365 for Fashion/Apparel companies; the solution allows apparel companies to run operations smarter, fast speed to market, allowing them to respond to changing consumer signals promptly, without inventory risk. For Food and Beverage Distribution, they introduced the Essential Supply Chain to end the food & beverage distribution business’s digital transformation. The solution has been built on the most advanced and innovative platform of Microsoft Azure & Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations; it leverages the cloud’s full strength and potential to provide specific advantages to the business.

The company stays ahead of the competition by not just providing services but also value-added solutions in EDI/E-Commerce/Data and Analytics /AI & ML:

  1. EDI (PartnerLink): They provide scalable and centralized end-to-end EDI transaction management for the enterprise to reduce cost and eliminate EDI compliance challenges. PartnerLink offers businesses seamless and cost-effective data interchange. With its EDI-optimized business rule engine, intuitive exception handling, and detailed reporting capabilities, PartnerLink improves EDI throughput and integrates effortlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. PartnerLink improves EDI throughput by leveraging its native support for all major EDI formats and a business rule engine optimized for EDI transactions. After initial integration, PartnerLink leverages its extensive business rule library and native support for multiple EDI formats to map business rules and onboard new partners with little or no additional cost or effort.
  2. E-Commerce/OmniChannel Commerce Link – Visionet’s CommerceLink solution allows modern retailers to quickly achieve omnichannel integration and unification between any of your exiting e-commerce platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (Retail). By seamlessly and securely unifying their existing e-commerce solution with Dynamics 365 for Operations, CommerceLink eliminates error-prone, time-consuming manual integration between platforms and creates a unified system for centralized channel management.
  3. Data Warehousing and Reporting – AcuitySpark – AcuitySpark for Retail is a data-centric platform allowing retailers to ingest, process, extract meaningful information across channels at the speed of business and eliminate the decision, action latencies. A transformative solution to help retailers leapfrog into the future of data management and deliver unprecedented successful outcome solution has been built on the most advanced and innovative platform of Microsoft Azure & Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations; it leverages the full strength and potential of cloud to provide specific advantages to the business.

For instance, Visionet assisted in the digital transformation for the largest mattress company by consolidating different brands on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, launching the additional brand on Salesforce commerce cloud, successfully implementing omnichannel functionalities including cross channel quotes, ATP, and Store Pick up. The company also helped the client connect all their sales channels with a Commerce Link to centralized the merchandising with fully automated order processing and centralize vendors and EDI customer communication via PartnerLink. This not only improved self-service operations by integrating Commerce Cloud and Community Cloud via a single sign-on but also enabled an elastic search implementation. Visionet delivered the unified digital platform to the client connecting 10+ online channels with retail store operations for centralized channel management, streamlined merchandising and fulfillment, accurate view of inventory, improved customer services capability, omnichannel functionalities including cross channel quotes, ATP, and Store Pick up, connect enterprise for customers, operations, and customer services across all sales channels (e-Commerce and marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay.

For the days to come, Visionet aims at becoming a USD 250 Million company, alongside expanding their business in the UK in 2021. The company is also introducing a new product called Morpheus—a robust, accurate, and flexible forecasting platform infused with intelligence acting as a Control Tower to drive a range of critical business decisions for agile supply chains. The Morpheus data science team’s analysis uncovered tremendous, sustainable savings opportunities for the customers by reducing the gap between actual sales vs. actual on-hands. Visionet developed this for a large retailer and delivered offering benefits like inventory carrying cost reduced by around $100M, forecast generation process reduced to 2 hours (from 4 weeks), frequency of forecast review & calibration improved to weekly cycle (from monthly), precise and measurable forecast with full transparency, business agility to factor in market dynamics and marketing spend for accuracy and unified view of forecast for finance and operations on a collaborative application platform.


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“Visionet creates sustainable and scalable digital, data analytic teams and processes, alongside fine-tuning operational performance on feedback and operational statistics.”

Arshad Masood

Founder & CEO of Visionet

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