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Virtana | Intelligent, Unified, Flexible | Kash Shaikh

Virtana | Intelligent, Unified, Flexible | Kash Shaikh

Kash Shaikh

President & CEO

According to analyst firm IDC’s latest projections, overall IT spending is expected to decline by 5.1 percent, which means that CIOs must optimize the resources they already have. Deeper insights into infrastructure and applications’ interdependencies are crucial to maintaining SLAs and optimizing system performance under increasingly constrained budgets. Virtualized resources, common in hospital settings, add another complexity level by obscuring true system performance and resource utilization. Further, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted healthcare workers and delivery systems due to the increased demand for services while struggling to bring the virus outbreak under control. Successfully optimizing IT resources and healthcare delivery requires real-time data visibility into system and application performance withtools that support today’s IT infrastructure complexities.

Virtana offers a unified approach to managing IT operations across hybrid environments. Its Virtual Wisdom, Work load Wisdom, and Cloud Wisdom platforms (on-premises), Virtana Platform (SaaS offering), and Cloud Migration Readiness service are seamlessly integrated to form the foundation of next-generation hybrid infrastructure management and observability Administrators can proactively manage, monitor, and model both application and infrastructure performance through a single-pane-of-glass, even across multiple environments.

Virtana was founded in 2008 to deliver the highest fidelityinfrastructure monitoring and analytics to the customers. More than 1000 of the world’s largest data centers have relied on Virtana’s workload performance expertise to solve critical IT performance and availability challenges in the ensuing decade. The company and its technology depth have grown immensely over the years, after merging with Load DynamiX, the leading workload performance analytics company; acquiring Xangati, a leader in virtual and cloud infrastructure performance monitoring; and acquiring Metricly, a leader in cloud performance monitoring and cost analysis.

At the end of 2020, Virtana announced the industry’s first unified observability platform for migrating, optimizing, and managing application workloads with flexible consumption across hybrid infrastructure (on-premises, public-, and multi-cloud environments). Employing Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) technologies, including Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analytics, Virtana’s solutions solve the most difficult challenges facing enterprises as they operate hybrid infrastructures.“

“Our precision observability based on our high-fidelity data ensures that workloads operate in optimal configurations and avoid unexpected costs and performance degradation with flexible IT consumption both on-premises and in hybrid clouds. With Virtana Platform, IT professionals do not need to worry about the sprawl of disconnected duct-taped point tools and can save 20% or more in cloud costs,” says Kash Shaikh, President, CEO, and Board of Directors member at Virtana.

Virtana helps customers optimize their IT infrastructure for cost, performance, and risk so they can accurately monitor, model, simulate, and analyze modern, mission-critical workloads. Not every workload works best in the cloud, IT organizations need to choose the best environment for each application workload to optimize infrastructure and workloads. Enterprises can make data-driven workload placement decisions to get it right the first time workloads are deployed. “Our unified approach to managing IT operations across hybrid environments dramatically simplifies optimization and management of workloads regardless of their location. The hybrid infrastructure optimization capabilities of Virtana solutions can deliver a return on investment (ROI) of as much as 145% over a three-year period,” says Shaikh. “The ROI benefits are the conclusion of a Total Economic Impact™ Study, commissioned by Virtana and independently performed by Forrester in July 2020.”

Virtana Platform (delivered as a SaaS offering) enables customers to know before placing workloads within a hybrid infrastructure. It delivers a unified AI-powered precision observability solution that simplifies the migration, optimization, and management of hybrid environments.

Virtana’s solutions accelerate scientific research and discovery and patient care in the following ways:

  • Accelerating problem resolution for less downtime, so more time is spent conducting research or on patient care.
  • Providing efficient management of hybrid infrastructure capacity and cost toreduce operational expense and provide a greater return on the IT investment.
  • Simulating and automating workload migration and placement to reduce risk and enable more informed purchase decisions.
  • Optimizing both system and application performance to reduce time to discovery or achieve faster diagnosis and patient treatment.
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation efforts while controlling costs and improving application availability.

For instance, IT administration for a leading Texas university hospital is a challenging task because it involves researchers, clinicians, and students, all with different needs. An IT leader described the current pandemic related environment this way:

  • Income-generating patient services have been eliminated.
  • Spending on COVID-19 research has increased significantly.
  • IT headcount has been cut 14%, and the remaining staff is on reduced work hours.
  • Current projects requiring IT support include a multi-petabyte storage migration, Office365 implementation, and transitions to a new EHR system and ServiceNow.
  • No adjustments to project priorities or timelines have been made.

“Virtana helped us architect a very efficient and highly optimized environment, so we’ve been able to manage the unexpected increase in workload without outages or impact to our users. We’re also able to better manage the resources that we have in spite of the budget and staffing changes, allowing us to concentrate on the critical projects already in flight.”

Virtana Platform builds on more than ten years of combined innovation and expertise in optimizing and managing hybrid IT infrastructures. Virtana already provides industry-leading, standalone solutions to more than 250 Global 2000 companies seeking to migrate, optimize, manage, and validate workloads in public-, private-, hybrid-, and multi-cloud environments. With the new Virtana Platform, enterprises gain the benefits of a single intelligent, unified, flexible, hybrid infrastructure management platform.

Virtana is a channel-led company and was recently recognized as a key player reducing cloud costs by Business Insider and as one of CRN’s Coolest Cloud Companies for 2021. Virtana’s rapid expansion into the cloud market with a precision observability SaaS platform is supported by OEM vendors and resellers worldwide. “The move has been enabled by comprehensive marketing and lead generation campaigns coupled with a strong press, analyst, and social media presence,” says Shaikh. “This process ensures Virtana is front of mind for organizations looking to benefit from a hybrid IT infrastructure and provides the channel with the support and new business leads to substantially grow their business.”

Virtana Award

“Our precision observability based on our high-fidelity data ensures that workloads operate in optimal configurations and avoid unexpected costs and performance degradation with flexible IT consumption both on-premises andin hybrid clouds. With Virtana Platform, IT professionals do not need to worry about the sprawl of disconnected duct-taped point tools and can save 20% or more incloud costs.”

Kash Shaikh

President & CEO

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