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United Safety Acquires QTEC Fire Services PTY LTD

EXTON, Pa., July 2, 2020 United Safety, a global manufacturer of safety and survivability solutions, announced the acquisition of QTEC Fire Services Pty Ltd, effective July 1st. QTEC, an Australian-based manufacturer of pre-engineered fire suppression systems for mobile plant and equipment for the mining, construction, transportation, and forestry industries is the second fire protection acquisition the company has made in recent years.

United Safety President and CEO Joe Mirabile stated, “We are extremely excited to welcome QTEC Fire Services into the United Safety family. QTEC will significantly increase our available offerings and allow us to provide multiple high-quality fire suppression products to our global customers. This is a continuation of our mission to deliver many more lifesaving products to those who need them.”

QTEC Fire Services Pty Ltd was founded in 1992 with a focus on manufacturing Australia’s highest quality fire suppression systems. The company continues to shape the fire suppression industry as the only Australian based company to continually develop and manufacture products in Australia for both domestic and international applications. Mike Hompesch, partner at Dubin Clark, United Safety’s ownership firm stated, “United Safety continues to be a dramatic growth story that delivers groundbreaking products that save lives around the world. We are proud to have recognized a great opportunity with this team and we look forward to continuing to partner with and support management to expand the company further.”

“It is with great excitement we announce that United Safety & Survivability Corporation has completed the acquisition of QTEC Fire Services and I am excited about the future,” QTEC founder, Mark Ivanovic said. Ivanovic has been highly successful in manufacturing fire suppression products for over 28 years, founded on the principal of high-quality Australian manufacturing.

The news comes after last year’s acquisition of Firestorm Fire Protection, another Australian based fire protection company, further widening the reach of United Safety’s focus on fire safety and strengthening the company’s portfolio of product offerings. Firestorm CEO Kristian Bischoff commented, “The ability to own and operate a first-class Australian manufactured fire suppression group such as QTEC Fire Services is fantastic and complements the Fogmaker misting system and the service and installation of Firestorm. Our future looks extremely promising and 2020 is shaping up to be a record year.”

About United Safety & Survivability Corporation
United Safety and Survivability Corporation, formerly known as USSC Group, is committed to delivering the most innovative and reliable safety and survivability solutions that our customers can trust to protect life and property. As a global leader in the design and engineering of world-class safety, survivability and technology solutions across a variety of industries and categories, our portfolio of products includes seating for commercial buses, fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, motor coaches, rail cars and locomotives. We design and build specialty soldier survivability systems for military vehicles and our revolutionary fire suppression systems are used in school buses, public transit, heavy machinery and more. We provide PPE safety systems to doctors, nurses, and front-line responders.

Media contact: Stephanie Williams Ford
Phone: 610.994.5432

SOURCE United Safety & Survivability Corporation,

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