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Top Players in the Oil and Gas Industry Joining the Downstream Summit 2023 in Milan, Italy

Blue-chip companies from the Oil&Gas industry will gather in Milan, Italy, on February 1-2, 2023, for the greatly anticipated Downstream Summit 2023. The event will focus on enabling profitability within the downstream sector throughout the energy transition.

Following the roaring outcome of the Downstream 4.0 Summit in October 2021, WISDOM is thrilled to present the Downstream Summit 2023, taking place on February 1st-2nd, 2023, in Milan, Italy.

In a global race to reduce CO2 output in all human activities, Europe has raised its ambition to become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. While the transition has been underway for years, the declining demand for hydrocarbon-based fuels—partly a consequence of the uncertainties of the peculiar historical time we live in—is accelerating the switch.

The growing electrification and fuel efficiency patterns portend a demand growth reduction from the current 1.2% p.a. to 0.5% p.a. until 2035. With the gradual decrease of the need for refining—and in the quest for reliable, renewable feedstocks that could replace the current fossil ones—the downstream sector undergoes the challenge of finding ways to thrive and not only survive within the energy transition.

The Summit will address the key issues by delivering insightful presentations from leading experts and stakeholders from the oil&gas industry worldwide, with a focus on the crucial role of technology in making operational excellence sustainable.

Key Topics

  • Redefining strategies for the energy transition in a world reshaped by post-pandemic dynamics
  • Maintaining the long-term margin potential within a gradual demand decrease
  • Finding the balance in closing refinery assets in an optimal way to keep feedstock preparation capabilities for petrochemicals production
  • Securing a solid escape route for fossil-based downstream operators in the light of the EU expectations and plans in recycling industry
  • Integrating non-conventional options of energy production (e.g., Green Hydrogen) into the Downstream product line, considering the European scenario between urgent needs and systemic barriers
  • Rethinking corporate management to embrace the changing consumer and stakeholder sentiments that are accelerating the pace of the energy transition
  • Using big data and machine learning to optimise processes and achieve higher performances in the value chain
  • Strengthening cybersecurity in refineries through streamlined technologies and integrated approaches

The full agenda and further information are available at


Established in 2013, WISDOM is a leading event and high-level business events organiser operating in the energy and maritime industries, with a focus on summits, conferences, exhibitions, and face-to-face business meetings of exceptional quality. 

Our closed-door events are exclusive to top-tier business experts, C-level executives, and policymakers, thus exposing attendees to edge-cutting expert knowledge and premium networking possibilities. 

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