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Top 10 Health Care Technology Trends Trends 2021

Top 10 Health Care Technology Trends Trends 2021

The technology advancement in the Health Care industry is shaping the world to a better future. Technologies such as AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D printing, and Nanotechnology are revolutionizing the functioning of Health Care organizations. 2020 has been challenging for the health care industry as an industry with more roles and responsibilities in the pandemic.

2021 and the situation is still uncertain in terms of the pandemic, but technological advancements will never stop to ease the process and have a better result in the health care industry. Listed are few technologies that will have a prominent impact in 2021

Artificial Intelligence

AI has the impact of changing healthcare space completely. The algorithms can mine health care records faster and design the treatment for patients better than any other health care professional. Google’s DeepMind outperformed in detecting breast cancer based on the molecular data with an average of 11.5%.

There is a startup that is designing the future of health care with advanced AI algorithms that will have an impactful performance in 2021. Designing new drugs to find disruptive technologies in the health care industry, AI will have a larger role to play.

Virtual Reality

The patient and Doctor’s lives are redesigned with virtual reality. In the future, while you get operated on and to distract the pain patients taken to a holiday destination. The growth and the impact are underperforming for virtual reality technology as of 2020, but the coming years will always be fruitful. The technologies are useful for patients in pain management. Also, women are equipped with virtual reality headset to forget the labor pain.

Augmented Reality

AR is helping the health care industry by providing visual solutions than virtual reality. Students and doctors are performing operations virtually and practicing to perform in the future. The combination of technologies and students with physicians will change the future of health care.

Health care wearable and sensors

How good is the tracking device now that you wear and has an impact on your health? The technologies are helping individuals to track their health details and can take necessary measures if required. The wearables are recording from the heartbeat till your blood pressure to the stress level. Sleep monitoring and stress management is something every individual is looking for and are working continuously in this busy life. The sensors are other devices that we use will be more educated to people and, the number of users will increase by a thousand folds.


Solution through medical tricorder is the dream of many health care professionals wherein a single device can track multiple body functionality. The device is designed by Viatom that records ECG, oxygen rate, blood pressure temperature, many more. There are many more devices similar that will take a prominent place in the days to come.

Genome unit

In 2017 the complete body genome project cost $2.7 billion for the USA that is costlier than any other health care variables. Some companies are building technology and solutions which are with lesser cost and which are feasible. The future will be the updated and advanced version of the technology.

Advanced Drug Development

The average time taken for drug development was 13 years in the past that starts from the research till the drug launched to the market. If we take the current pandemic situation, COVID-19 drug development and trials are faster compared to our early days of drug development. If we had to wait for 13 years for the COVID-19 vaccine, then it would take many lives by then. The current drug development is also with advanced AI algorithms installed and, future research will be on the AI and the up-gradation with algorithms. We can expect to see more companies focusing on clinical trial technologies and research-based drug development technologies.


The future in the health care industry is all about nanotechnology, the advancement in nanotechnology that will help and simplify the treatments. Companies are providing a nano-pill camera that is used to study the inside part of the body and helps to treat patients better. The coming years will help us with better nanotechnology pills, nano-particles will act as the drug delivery system, especially in treating cancer.


The fastest technology field in the healthcare industry is robotics right from surgical equipment to disinfectant robots the advancement, is seen with advanced robots. The current pandemic and the air bond virus has made hospitals and clinics invest in robots without human interactions. The exoskeletons surgery seen in Europe was going for the future and, companies providing RPA and robotics solutions are helping the healthcare industry to grow in a faster phase. We can see technology providers and the end-users investing in Robotics by 2021.

3D- Printing

The future go for healthcare is broadly seen with 3D printing technology with printing the body tissue till the artificial limbs, blood vessels, pills, and many more. Companies are producing skin tissues with the blood cells that help in replacing the skin burn, and other skin related issues faced by the patients. The drugs printed from 3D printing technologies are in use since 2015 that is approved by the FDA.

The list of technologies will increase and, 2021 will be the year for health care in many possible ways.


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