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The Retail Industry and the Pandemic – a War not by Choice

The Retail Industry and the Pandemic – a War not by Choice

Post pandemic the consumers will retain the habits which they have developed and continue the habit of online shopping. Meeting basic customer expectation will fetch in business. This might include simplest of the norms with respect to wearing a mask, social distancing and monitoring the crowd in the stores. Since the online shopping is new to many consumers the retailers must offer easy browsing and research experience, along with easy purchase and return policy. The retailers are in competition with each other to provide the best service.

There is an immediate need to develop mobile responsive sites which makes it feasible for every consumer to choose and buy products. Retailers have also come with Buy Online Pick up in Store options where the visit to a retail store and choosing the products can be zeroed down. This nullifies the risk of pandemic being spread while the consumers stand in queue waiting to buy a newly launched product or even going around the store analysing the product.

Offers always attract the consumers. Retailers now must lure consumers with offers put up on website, which will prompt the buyers to buy more to claim the available offers. With the pandemic ceasing in some areas, possible retailers must make the retail stores much more extraordinary which compels the consumer to buy the products. This will also, make it comfortable for the consumers to get out of the extra comfort zone which was developed during the pandemic.

Theatres can emerge back in full swing with the lounge facility and limited capacity. Offering the eateries right on the table during a movie along with free space to move and hangout can pull the customers from their homes into the theaters post pandemic. Here luxury is the comfort that will impress the consumers. Free in home consultations for gadgets can also be a mode of retail marketing. A long term customer relationship is always beneficiary, in case of products with greater value. Inventory management, product analysis provides a new dimension in the market for products. Social interactive sessions makes a huge difference.

Retail grocers can make door delivery through simple means where the website takes you around the store for a live experience. You pick what you need and pay for what you buy. In the world full of branded groceries, retail stores with awesome quality can always be a blessing for the consumer.


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