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The reservoir of the Knowledge – A Secret Key to an Enormous Pool of Data

A Secret Key to an Enormous Pool of Data

Zero-Knowledge Proof relies on verification of knowledge or information from a source (Prover). ZKP is the encryption scheme and, data privacy is an important aspect and the major break-through in cryptography. Here one source can ensure and prove to another source that they have encrypted information. When we access a website, webserver stores our password by hashing the password input is unknown to anyone but still authenticates the login.

Always a user’s password is not stored in the web server and, hence when a server is attacked the user account remains undisturbed. ZKP can be interactive or non-interactive. Interactive ZKP has a questionnaire to confirm the data credibility whereas non-interactive ZKP doesn’t have the process of a repeated round of questionnaires to access the data. 

Zero-Knowledge Proof plays an important role to trick the customer in those sites and application which has a prescribed age limit to login. Direct questions might lead to false entry by the user’s, hence ZKP uses the questionnaire to confirm the details before login. ZKP also helps in financial risk assessment. To avoid fake documentation by the customers for mortgage loans can be validated using ZKP by confirming the salary and other outstanding loans. If one has to develop an app for the financial tasks, having the data of ZKP of the customers will be a secure source. One can know their customer’s interest and next purchase through ZKP where the constant search in the apps and websites are received from a prove and the buyer(verifier) after few authentication processes about the data credibility. Confidential transactions can be validated via ZKP.

Any app developer who is planning for a fund transfer app can get a huge source of customer database via ZKP also, the customer privacy can be maintained via ZKP, as it doesn’t disclose any passwords or customer details. The voting process can also be secured through ZKP in case of any crucial voting. The details of the voter are secured through ZKP. In the Stock Exchange, the ZKP plays an important role in ensuring that there are sufficient funds in the bidder’s account. Here the name and account details are maintained at utmost security, just disclosing only availability of the funds. Ratings concerning an App or a Company are a trend these days.

An investor who is doing a huge investment in a company can seek the ZKP source to see the actual transactions of the company. Crime investigations can also be cracked using the ZKP source, where one can access the source of fraudster or prankster. The Government can also transfer the confidential data which can be cryptographed and secured.

Confidentiality is a virtue of loyal, as loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness – Edwin Louis Cole.


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