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The Nearshore Company | Solving Manufacturing Challenges | Armando Martínez | Jorge G. Henrichsen

Armando Martínez

CFO and Co-CEO
The Nearshore Company | Solving Manufacturing Challenges | Armando Martínez

Jorge G. Henrichsen

Head of BD and Co-CEO

In the age of Industry and Production 4.0, manufacturing companies are facing numerous challenges that also represent an opportunity. Dealing with these challenges sets the course for long-term competitiveness in the market. The major issues companies face include difficulty finding and retaining qualified employees and supply chain issues, especially if related to Asia. Other problems that manufacturers face are in some industries, and for goods from specific countries (e.g., China), importing goods and raw materials into the U.S. has become costly and time-consuming, challenges of managing vendors and employees on the other side of the world (time zone and travel challenges).

The NearShore Company has been committed to creative problem-solving to manufacturing needs for three decades. The company executes all a customer’s manufacturing needs conveniently with customer-specific business models, shelter-services to assisted manufacturing and everything in between, easy transfer & start of equipment, standardized quality systems, staffing, and a fast-learning curve. 

The Nearshore Company maintains partners confidently by offering flexibility. With proximity to a client, no “overseas” and extended supply chains, cultural alignment and understanding, full bilingual support staff, stability of USMCA, I.P. Protection, and well-funded with a long-term focus. Owing to its revolutionary approach, the company cost-effectively addresses all the needs of a client through an appropriately skilled & trained labor force, competitively paid, much reduced travel costs, hassle-free same-time-zone communication, collaborative cost-reduction & process-improvement initiatives (e.g., 5S and Lean), proximity to U.S. rail/road/ports for shortened lead-time and expertise in tariff efficiency.

The company is led by Armando Martínez, CFO and Co-CEO, along with Jorge G. Henrichsen, Head of B.D. and Co-CEO, who are visionary leaders with complementary skills. The shared value foremost in all they do is “helping customers WIN.” They care about the company and employees by operating alongside several of us. They have invested in high-class international consultants who can bring the best methodologies to the operations and strategic teams to exceed our client’s expectations. They focus on a long-term plan and have a clear idea of the future, which they communicate to their employees to foster a community of collaboration and teamwork.

Caring for Customers

The NearShore Company cares about “helping the customers WIN.” “We not only advise and help our client start his nearshore operation in Mexico, but with our assisted manufacturing services, we can also operate our client´s expanded facilities in Mexico, with the local expertise that can help him start operations but grow,” explains Armando. “The Nearshore Company enables our clients to manufacture the right way in Mexico.”

The NearShore Company helps manufacturers of all sizes transfer their manufacturing operations into Mexico through traditional and customized nearshoring arrangements by working hand-in-hand with them to create a plan, find solutions, and get things done. It’s always a long-term win-win relationship with the clients. The company also offers the following:

  1. Facility maintenance and insurance
  2. Labor cost and management.
  3. Performing / Supporting Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Audits.
  4. Securing local financing as necessary.
  5. Handling legal and tax requirements around business formation/establishment in Mexico.
  6. Compliance with Mexico and U.S. customs laws.
  7. Recruiting managers versed in local laws and customs. (H.R. is a common starting point as this position fills out the team.)
  8. Sourcing materials, components, and other resources.
  9. Utility contracts.

The NearShore Company has been hailed for its ability to meet sustainability standards demanded by governments, boards, investors — and consumers. Known as ESG — short for environmental, social, and governance — it represents both a triple threat and a triad of opportunities for a manufacturing future: How to produce goods sustainably, of course, but also to do right by employees and deliver long-term value to shareholders. “Our company — The Nearshore Company (TNC) — has pioneered the concept of helping America’s manufacturers to scale production rapidly, while addressing both the challenges of this decade and the promise of a global recovery,” adds Jorge. “How can nearshoring help with ESG? The NearShore Company proximity to U.S. rails, roads, and ports significantly reduces shipping times. This will improve a company’s carbon footprint and mitigate the business risks resulting from supply chain delays.” According to IDC, nine in 10 manufacturers have expressed their commitment to the kinds of improvements in technology and business practices that nearshoring means for ESG.

Ease of doing business

Organizations in the U.S. today choose to manufacture in Mexico. The reasons are simple, though nearshoring was already a popular alternative before the COVID-19 pandemic, it became more attractive due to two very recent developments — the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) in mid-2020 and the continuous supply and geopolitical crises affecting the Far East and other offshoring operations. The sheer convenience of running industrial processes across a land border with our direct neighbor. Companies can significantly shorten their production timelines and improve their communication from conveniences that are proxemic to cultural in nature. “When you are close to the manufacturing site, frequent visits allow for quick and effective corrections when decisions need to be made,” explains Armando. “Border crossings by truck eliminate this risk while greatly enhancing the speed of your supply chain. Short supply chains also increase flexibility and help avoid quality issues. And placing your manufacturing site in a similar time zone greatly improves the quality and the frequency of communication between teams.”

The NearShore Company has been offering Assisted Manufacturing Models to a U.S.-based client for over 20 years manufacturing Medical PPE Garments. The client became the manufacturer of The NearShore Company, designed PPE Gowns in 2020 to support COVID-19 needs, ramped-up production by nearly 4x in less than three months, and continually invested in equipment upgrades and automation. They like The NearShore Company because of the perfect external quality record and The NearShore Company’s multi-facility operational example.

In another instance, The NearShore Company has been offering a Flexible Manufacturing Model to a U.S.-based pole transformer manufacturing company. The production began in March 2019 with 1 Toroid (Core) forming machine, which grew to 4 machines with 33 employees in a 30,000 sq. ft. operation; during its first year, after witnessing consistent high output and low scrap results they transferred their entire product line was transferred to The NearShore Company into a 100,000 sq. ft. facility, with nearly 100 employees, and during 4Q21 another ~100,000 sq. ft. facility has been added to employ over 150 additional employees by 3Q22 (now at 280 employees).

“Above are just two of the hundreds of examples we have of our capabilities and success,” says Jorge. “We are in business and will continue to be in it to help companies manufacture in Mexico. To make it easier for them to manufacture in Mexico; building viable alternatives thru continuous customized Supplier Development programs for all clients.”

"We not only advise and help our client start his nearshore operation in Mexico, but with our assisted manufacturing services, we can also operate our client´s expanded facilities in Mexico. "

Armando Martínez

CFO and Co-CEO

The Nearshore Company

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