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The All-In-One HR Solution | Khaled Sassi

The All-In-One HR Solution | Khaled Sassi

Khaled Sassi


HR departments must cover a lot of processes, and things keep getting added to that list year on year. HR technology has allowed professional to perform these processes in an efficient and pro-active way. However, challenges do occur surrounding the technology itself, the current challenges are:

  1. Time-consuming IT support and add-ons
  2. Platforms that are not agile
  3. Multiple systems, multiple vendors to manage, which is time-consuming
  4. Platforms that do not integrate with others, Different systems for different processes
  5. Intrusive and expensive upgrades
  6. Complicated methods of producing HR reports
  7. Keeping data secure
  8. Legislation compliance

OVA Smart HR software will adapt with ease for each customer, it is not an off the shelf product. Therefore, the product will meet the customer’s unique HR and Payroll needs exactly.

The software is crafted by Novative’s talented developers with the help and expertise of their HR and Payroll specialists. The software is cloud-based therefore it is agile and easily accessible from anywhere. The company’s clients’ benefit from security peace of mind as data is held in a secure location both physically and digitally in Switzerland. Novative offers a 24-hour multi-language helpdesk for customers, and their platform is offered as an all-in-one

solution or clients can choose which modules one needs at that time and add or take away throughout their custom with Novative. They offer their system in multi-language and multi-currency, meeting the developments of the Global business community.

Novative’s single HR and Payroll platform offers many benefits. The platform helps save time because it consists of having a consolidated HR & Payroll Database for all the stakeholders. Having one platform means a short learning curve for employees, as it provides a consistent user experience and therefore a better employee experience. It also offers the capability to produce enhanced HR reports and data. With one system, not only can customers create reports easily, they are often displayed with data visualization. “Analysis of data is accessible, giving you and your organization deeper insights into your workforce, enabling you to make decisions based on fact, not on the gut,” says Khaled Sassi, CEO at NOVATIVE. “For Novative innovation is key to improving productivity, high-quality data, and providing the right indicators for decision making and performances measurement. Novative strives to offer a customized service with accurate results, we understand that each organization will have unique payroll and HR needs.” Khaled adds that communication is another important element of their service, “we are here to help our customers at all stages, we have many means in which customers can contact us. With Novative you still have a responsive human expert helping on the line, not a robot!”

The company’s NOVA Smart is an agile technology for all HR processes. It covers everything from HR & Payroll processes (Open position and HR Budgeting, Recruiting, Onboarding, Managing, Appraising, Developing, Pay, succession planning). NOVA Smart can be deployed on-premises in Novative secure private cloud, and the client can access the solution anytime, anywhere. “Security of data is of the highest importance to Novative, we are ISO27001 certified and our data center is based in Switzerland, with the highest physical and digital security.” He adds, “This solution has the advantage of combining the cloud HR services (managed by the client) and Novative’s Outsourcing  services, offering one consolidated database that eases HR & Payroll analytics.”  

According to Khaled, the COVID-19 pandemic provided a crash test for companies’ business continuity. “HR teams have a key role to play in Business Continuity Planning to ensure staff are supported throughout any changes to normal working practice. HR needed agile processes to keep up with the constant changes in company and country legislations. Digital HR software such as Novative’s has been a vital element in keeping HR flexible, agile, and compliant.” HR had to update procedures and provide guidance on Employee health, attendance, and countries COVID -19 legislations and compliance. For the days to come, Novative will continue adding to their amazing team in Europe, USA, Africa, and the Middle East. “Our aim is to give better HR and Payroll experiences to businesses through our software and outsourcing service. As ever our software will continue to be innovated by our super talented developed and HR experts,” adds Khaled. “New technologies will always be used to enhance the software. UX is always a big deal for us, as it is vital our software remains easy to use. Novative will continue to promote our combined Cloud HR and outsourcing service. It is an exciting time for Novative as we continue to expand and grow.”

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" Novative’s single HR and Payroll platform offers many benefits. The cloud platform helps save time because it consists of having a consolidated HR & Payroll Database for all the stakeholders."

Khaled Sassi


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