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Technology and Skin Resurfacing – Mantra for Beautiful Skin

Technology and Skin Resurfacing – Mantra for Beautiful Skin

Restoring beautiful and youthful skin is possible with skin resurfacing. Aging and stress can be reversed with technology. This can be either through non-surgical skin treatment or through cosmetic surgery. Skin resurfacing can minimize sun damage and, age spots rejuvenate sagging brows or eyelids. Enhancing cheeks or lips, tightening the neck, and removing unwanted facial hair is also possible with skin resurfacing. Maintaining a balanced skin tone and encouraging collage production is also a feature of skin resurfacing.

Ablative lasers are the technology that can remove outer layers of skin and support healing via new skin. Depending on skin-type the laser surgeon decides the wavelength of light required for skin treatment and the depth to which it must penetrate. Most cosmetic surgeons use fractioned lasers these days that repairs only the fraction of skin, necessary in the treatment area. With fractioned laser optimum result is achieved in minimum time. Few laser treatment technique does not break the skin surface and is known as non-ablative lasers. This technique enhances collagen growth by heating the skin below the surface. Through this, the firmness and tone of the skin are restored. The result is not seen overnight, rather takes a few weeks to subside the pink patch in the treatment site.

Chemical peels are a technique possible with chemical solutions. Chemical solutions are used by licensed cosmetic surgeons to treat the skin defect. The entire process is time-consuming, the solution is swabbed on the treatment area and, the skin peels in a week or two and provides a smoother and youthful look. Chemical peels remove the blotchiness of the skin. Acne and mild injury scars, precancerous growth, and keratoses can be removed by a chemical peel. Chemical peels are categorized as light and dark chemical peels. Light chemical peels penetrate only the epidermis partially. Dark chemical peels penetrate deeper and reach the dermis, ad heals the extensive damage.

Mechanical exfoliation of the skin is possible with instruments that slough off the outer layer of the skin and reveals healthier skin. Microdermabrasions can be used for the face, neck, and hands. This involves fine tipped instruments and abrasives. Microabrasions are applicable for all skin types. In dermabrasions, a cosmetic surgeon uses a rapidly rotating instrument or blade which removes the layers of skin until the desired depth. Dermabrasions removes layers of skin and encourages new cell growth. Microneedling creates microscopic injuries using an instrument that has numerous fine needles. These injuries are invisible to naked eyes but bring about natural healing. Intense Pulsed Light uses a range of wavelength which will absorb either red or brown pigments in the skin. IPL stimulates collagen production. Issues like hyperpigmentation, spider veins, and vascular lesions are corrected using IPL.

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