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Technological Trends in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Sector is known to be employing immense manpower, yet technological intervention in this field helped to reduce production costs, aided in easy transport, and satisfactory customer support. This sector, like many other sectors, cannot do away with the workforce. Therefore, Technology and the labor force go hand in hand in the Manufacturing sphere. The major technological advancement in the Manufacturing field is with reference to the safety of the workers and the security of the production Department. The following are a few technological machines that are used abundantly in the Technological Sector.

Wearable Helmets: In the manufacturing wing of factories, especially in heavy industries, the workers are prone to risky and hazardous working environments and are also exposed to harmful and lethal chemicals. Thus, the safety of the workers becomes a prime priority for employers. In such a situation, wearable helmets come handy in order to ensure the individual safety of the workers. A few of these pieces of equipment are technically sound since they are capable of measuring the number of chemicals the workers are exposed to and, therefore, can provide signals when the substances exceed their prescribed limit. Thus, the workers can shield themselves from potential threats at the workplace.

CC TV: Closed Circuit Television is the security camera used for surveillance, mostly in public and also enclosed spaces. Threats from outsiders also pose a major impediment to the smooth functioning of the manufacturing sector. Security cameras are fixed at various points along the production rooms to protect the workers from manipulators and conspirators. A few of these apparatuses can also detect unauthorized machines and prevent them from tampering with production practices.

Predictive Analytics: Ensuring the proper maintenance of existing machinery is as important as availing of efficient new equipment. Repairs, dysfunction, and reduced efficiency of a machine can bring down its productivity and doom the company to immense loss. As the name suggests, the devices which perform predictive maintenance predict the efficiency and shelf life of the machines and protect the machines from unforeseen breakdowns. It also facilitates the employers to oversee their machines, thereby figuring out the performance of their appliances and prescribing remedial means in case of errors.

With the intervention of Technology in the manufacturing realm, this sector is becoming more innovative, sustainable, and competent. The data provided by the aid of the technical devices in the proper monitoring and analysis of the machines thereby signal the employers to make appropriate decisions with regard to their machinery. Technology also enhances production practices by ensuring the safety and security of the workers and the products. It also reduces production costs and improves the shelf life of the machinery. Technology also became a medium to connect manufacturers and their customers. In short, we can conclude that Technology has revolutionized the Manufacturing industry.

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