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Study showing Oxford vaccine slows virus spread ‘superb’ says Hancock

Study showing Oxford vaccine slows virus spread 'superb' says Hancock

February 3, 2021: Results that show the AstraZeneca vaccine might reduce the coronavirus from spreading have been hailed as “absolutely superb” by the health secretary.

Matt Hancock says the study shows “vaccines are the way out of this pandemic.”

It is the first time a vaccine has been shown to reduce transmission of the virus.

The study results aren’t published formally yet, suggest that the vaccine may have a “substantial” effect on the transmission of the virus.

It means the jab could significantly impact the pandemic, as each vaccinated person will indirectly protect other people.

Mr. Hancock tweeted as the study be “really encouraging,” adding that the results were “absolutely superb.”

According to the study of the University of Oxford, wherein the vaccine was developed, measured the impact on transmission by testing for asymptomatic infections, by swabbing participants weekly while recording if someone fell ill with Covid-19.

The study found the vaccine to be 76% effective from a single dose for three months.

The researchers added that the results supported gaps between first and second doses of between four and 12 weeks.

While the second dose is given, the study found the level of protection from the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine rises to 82%.

The UK aims to save more lives by giving some protection to a larger number of people. Still, the UK has faced criticism from the British Medical Association for following this path with no international support.

Mr. Hancock said scientists had looked directly at 65s and above, and there was “a high degree of confidence” that the Oxford vaccine will work on all aged people.

The latest research showed that the vaccine works and “categorically supports” the government’s strategy, said Hancock.

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