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SMART has introduced Mars Rover tires available for use on Earth

SMART has introduced Mars Rover tires available for use on Earth

SMART Tire has created its first tire from the space age, which would soon be available to the general public. NASA has already tested them for use in Mars Rover missions, and these tires are equipped with the company’s Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology (SMART), made of the super-elastic material NiTinol +.

Although the regular elastic can stretch, SMART memory metal goes one step further, rearranging its molecular structure when bent and then immediately returning to its previous shape. So these tires never lose air, never flatten, and have strength like titanium.

Such tires here on Earth offer many applications, including an alternative to pneumatic bicycle tires, which promise a light, durable, and smooth riding experience. In fact, these tires can improve safety with improved traction for passengers on concrete and roads made of gravel.

Tires even use a synthetic rubber-like material, Polyurethanium, for the most robust grip and tread in almost all weather conditions. Simply put, these SMART tires can last a lifetime on your motorcycle without having to be replaced at all due to cracks, leaks, messy sealants, or punctures.

Perhaps the most exciting fact about these new tires is that NASA manufactures them. Indeed, the SMART Tire Company has collaborated with the Ford Motor Company’s micromobility provider Spin to develop this shape memory alloy for electric scooters. The two companies work together to create a more effortless and safer transport experience for consumers.

In addition, tires made of this material show a 30 times higher recoverability rate than ordinary steel under strain. Looking back at why NASA first developed this tire and the suitable material gives an idea of ​​why such durability is needed.

As a component of Mars Rover wheels, this alloy had to be able to withstand uneven terrain and cratered topology on the surface of the red planet. In fact, the tires are effectively designed to act as shock absorbers to protect Rover’s internal system from uneven rocks.

According to METL, this space-age memory alloy will challenge the $ 250 billion international tire market in realizing a cleaner, safer solution for bicycle and scooter tires, as well as for the wheel in general. For now, SMART Tire wants to launch these tires to the cycling community in early 2022 before moving to the automotive industry and beyond.

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