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Robotic Process Automation – Making things Easier

Robotic Process Automation – Making things Easier

RPA software bots being capable to interact with the in-house application, portals, websites and much more, these bots are bringing about the revolution, replacing human beings in most of the tasks with the efficiency of functioning 24hrs. Bots also are 100% efficient throughout the day, add on being multitasking. RPA has made the tasks in health care much easier when we consider the process involved in patient registration in case of faster patient flow. Confidentiality is assured during this automated process and also is devoid of any human error. Also this set up doesn’t intervene with any health care legacy. Software bots can schedule and streamline online appointments, diagnosis schedules, preferences, insurance claims, etc. Software bots can also scan unnecessary claims and fraudulent insurance claims, using its efficient data entry and thereby improve billing efficiency.

Screening the resume to hire a new employee is no more a tedious job, as the software bots screen all the applications based on the job requirements updated in the tool. Offer letters for the employees include the regulations of the company and the legal terms which will be analyzed by the bots and will be generated as per the job profile. Whenever an individual chooses to buy an insurance, the RPA gathers the information from all the sites and analyses the data fed by the buyer and offers the best deal without any time lag. RPA can be used along with all the existing systems available in an organization and the workflow followed by the RPA can be tracked alongside. Insurance company abides by certain tax and legal laws, the business is protected by these compliance standards, RPA makes these implementations easier. The software bots make scalability easier since they can scale up or down at any point of time if need be.

In the Telecom industry, the RPA software bots can reduce the gap between the data source and access, by being data specific. Back office tasks can be minimized and thereby making the employees much available for the customer service. All the time consuming and repetitive tasks are reduced using RPA and hence it’s cost-effective. Accounts payable is automated by RPA, which deposits the payment to the vendors after the validation and compilation of data. Dispatch of the credit cards has taken up the speed with RPA where the software bots immediately gather all the credit checks and decision parameters. Multiple transactions in an account are immediately flagged as a threat by the RPA. Report generation in the banking sector by gathering data from different sources is automated using the RPA, which generates the data in an understandable format. RPA automates the message delivery to the account holders about charges payable or documentation necessary for closure of accounts.

The relationship between technology and people has to change in the future for the better, and I think RPA is one of the great tools to enable that change”. -Leslie Willcocks

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