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Raines Feldman | THE RISING STAR | Jonathan Littrell

Jonathan Littrell

Managing Partner, CEO

As one of the youngest managing partners of a mid to large size law firm in California, Jonathan Littrell (38), Managing Partner and CEO of Raines Feldman brings a modern, innovative vision to the firm’s mission of reinventing the practice of law. Unlike many law firms that traditionally promote unhealthy competition and unnecessary hierarchy between attorneys, Raines Feldman focuses onteam performance and collaboration to achieve effective results for the firm’s clients. Jonathan believes that building a culture of self-actualization and contribution where each team member is valued and encouraged to achieve her or his highest and best potential, the firm provides a platform for exceptional client service.

“Our attorneys tend to be happier and feel empowered, this in turn leads to more dedication to the firm and its clients who often remark they feel like we are a part of their organization.  This is exactly what we are looking to achieve.” says Jonathan.


Having grown the firm to nearly 70 attorneys in three offices in just over ten years, the recipe appears to be working. As Jonathan remarks, “We value each one of our team members as we firmly believe that everyone from a file clerk to a senior partner plays an integral role in the success of the firm, which in turn benefits our clients.  This team focused culture continues to attract talent from some of nations’ most prestigious law schools and global law firms who are looking for a firm that will allow them to grow and achieve their ultimate potential.”

Helping Clients to Gain More

The firm strongly encourages community involvement among its team members. “Not only do we believe in giving back to the community, we also believe that it enriches the lives of our employees,” adds Jonathan. “We have several charitable initiatives meant to encourage community involvement including hosting events and matching charitable donations made by our team members to the cause of their choice. Some of the organizations we’ve supported recently include PATH Foundation, which is working to reduce homelessness in Los Angeles; the White Heart Foundation, which provides aid to injured U.S. veterans; The Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children in Los Angeles; and the LA Regional Food Bank.”

Raines Feldman has gained immense popularity among its clientele as they continue to provide ongoing transactional and litigation representation to a who’s who of institutional organizations that are realizing the benefits of shifting away from the traditional high fee, large law firm model.  Some examples of the firm’s matters include the representation of a national real estate investment company in over $600 million of acquisitions over a five-year period, the representation of a management company and two private equity funds in a roll-up and go public transaction creating a $1.65 billion market capitalization for the resulting enterprise, and the representation of a public entity in the settlement favorable settlement of a 60+ million-dollar dispute. While these achievements are impressive for a mid-size firm, Jonathan remains focused on the future, as he quickly notes “We are very proud of our team’s past achievements, however we continue to strive toward improving our firm, our team and our practice so that we may transfer these improvements to our clients.”

Towards the Future

According to Jonathan, the legal business is highly competitive and combative. “We welcome the competition from outside our firm and embrace it. Inside our firm, however, we do not see each of our successes as a zero-sum game,” he explains. “To the contrary, one person’s victory is all of our victories. When each of us rise, we all rise. Unlike most law firms, we prop each other up and support each other to the extent possible. In our culture, we deeply value that support.” Jonathan has harnessed a culture where each team member has the other’s back while promoting open and honest feedback to help each other reach their full potential.

“We are, and we promote, a culture of diversity, inclusion, teamwork and collaboration, support, warmth, kindness, a strong work ethic, positivity, progressiveness, and innovation,” he says. “By dedicating ourselves to our clients, our craft, and each other, we have created an environment where people thrive and find results even when the odds are stacked against them.”

Raines Feldman is most proud of the fact that the firm has built a team of elite, best-in class professionals without losing their culture. They are consistently voted as one of the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles, which is unique for a high caliber law firm, and continue to seek opportunities to expand their practice areas and deepen their bench. “We have recently opened a New York office to provide our services on a national level and we look forward to expanding into new markets in the near future,” adds Jonathan.

Jonathan Littrell award

“By dedicating ourselves to our clients, our craft, and each other, we have created an environment where people thrive and find results even when the odds are stacked against them.”

Jonathan Littrell

Managing Partner, CEO

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