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Microsoft Build – Influencing the Software Developers

Microsoft Build – Influencing the Software Developers

2020 has taught all of us that things can change in the blink of an eye. In this changing time, all we need to know is the upcoming technology that is going to change tomorrow. Azure Synapse Link is just a click away for the Microsoft  customers to run their analytics work on real-time data. It manages to provide an insight into real-time transactional data without moving the database or burdening the operating system.

 Azure is offering trials that will help the health care system to access multiple products, improve collaboration, and enrich patient engagement. Also, Azure is trying to develop much sorted AI that will not be biased with the available information and also behave fairly based on age, gender. This also gives the platform to the developers to build an AI with less or Zero blunder. 

Microsoft has also announced the development of supercomputers that is exclusively available to Open AI with Azure Robust Modern Cloud Infrastructure. Microsoft is yet to design its own AI chips, unlike Amazon and Google. For the programmers, Microsoft has come up with text chats and voice calls without switching the apps. Microsoft List has templates for issue tracker, event itinerary, display image, and also can turn excel spreadsheet into the list. Project Reunion – for evolving windows developer platform to develop apps which can work across all Windows version. Windows Package-Manager has a command-line interface to install, uninstall, and update programs. Imagine Cup to help students develop bright ideas by providing them tools and programs to learn skills. The apps to be developed, are based on the current scenario and the solutions for existing problems. In this crucial team, it’s the developers who can shape the new tomorrow. Microsoft ignite provides technical training and is scheduled in September 2020, basically for data professionals, architects and developers. In this pandemic, one can have the utmost benefit of Microsoft learn that enables one to learn on your schedule. One can undergo Microsoft course and kick off the career with Microsoft certifications. Live stream videos – to learn and understand from the experts about the app development and the technicality. One can also create and publish a static web app. In this pandemic, if not everyone, aspiring developers and the students can have the utmost benefit from the platforms available and make the best of it to contribute to the society in one or the other way. 

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity – Albert Einstein.

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