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Teaching science can be challenging for certain parents, particularly those who homeschool their children, which can result in not understanding the subject clearly. Maintaining a consistent science curriculum at home can be complicated and demanding. This is why science kits have gained immense popularity, as they can captivate, teach, and entertain kids with various forms of experimentation and scientific inquiry. They can also help kids develop a love for learning about science and explore scientific concepts at their own pace. Science kits can also spark curiosity and fun in kids who want to learn more at home.

London-based MEL Science is helping parents by making science an easily teachable subject. MEL Science is an educational subscription that offers 100+ hands-on projects delivered monthly and 50+ digital experiences available anytime. Science education products can sometimes be expensive, making them inaccessible to a broader audience. MEL Science has addressed this challenge by offering different subscription tiers or bundling kits with digital content, providing more value for money.

“In today’s tech-driven world, staying updated with the latest technologies is crucial for both parents and their children. That’s why MEL Science goes beyond just providing physical products and offers AR/VR technologies to enhance the learning experience,” says Vassili Philippov, CEO and Co-Founder of MEL Science, a true scientist. He believes in the power of science, inspiring the entire team to learn something new every day. He is confident that there are no age or intellectual limitations for science. Anyone can become a scientist with the desire to do so. MEL Science helps with this by making science accessible to everyone.

It is a well-known fact that Vasily personally tests each experiment. One can ask him about any of the 100 experiments, and he will happily share his experience interacting with them. His direct involvement and testing of each experiment help improve the quality and ensure that MEL Science products meet high standards, offering engaging and educational experiences for children.

Making Education Accurate & Interesting

Vassili believes that children should be told the truth. He successfully conveyed this idea to the entire team. Therefore, MEL Science experiments present science in the most realistic and straightforward terms for the child.

The children of employees and separate groups of clients tested all experiments. The creators of the boxes observed the children’s reactions during the execution of the experiments, noting moments when children became bored or something was unclear to them. Subsequently, such moments were revised or simplified to ensure a more engaging and comprehensible experience for the children. This iterative process of testing and refining the experiments helped to enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of the MEL Science products.

Over time, MEL Science has been delving deeper into the digital format and optimizing the process of improving experiments. Gradually, the company is transitioning to digital instructions, replacing the paper ones. This allows for faster analysis of user experiences and optimization of the experiment process. Bugs can be addressed online through the digital instructions. As a result, the majority of users no longer require paper instructions, as all the necessary details are accessible through the MEL Science mobile application. This digital approach streamlines the user experience, provides real-time support, and allows for continuous improvement and updates to enhance the overall learning journey for the users.

MEL Science is becoming increasingly popular among parents whose children are engaged in homeschooling. The experiments significantly simplify the learning process, complementing the theory from textbooks and courses with fascinating practical experiences in various scientific fields.

  • Homeschooling parents often look for hands-on learning experiences to engage their children and make learning more interactive. MEL Science provides science kits with experiments that can be conducted at home, allowing students to explore scientific principles practically.
  • Homeschooling parents may not always have expertise in all subjects. MEL Science provides expert-designed lessons and materials, ensuring students receive accurate and reliable scientific information.
  • MEL Science offers opportunities for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education. Parents can participate in experiments with their children, making learning a shared and enjoyable experience.

Usually, MEL Science does not follow the school curriculum. However, parents can independently adapt and integrate the educational plan and experiments from MEL Science. The variety of topics in the MEL Science subscription allows for easy customization.

Creating Better Futures

MEL Science subscriptions are designed and tested by real scientists. This significantly sets the product apart in the market among competitors. While many competitors mostly create DIY-style products, MEL Science experiments can be used both for entertainment and integrated into the educational process.

The creators of MEL Science firmly believe that science is accessible to anyone and anyone can develop a love for science. Their approach to creating engaging and interactive experiments aims to ignite curiosity and passion for learning in children and even adults, regardless of their background or prior knowledge of science. By making science fun, exciting, and approachable, MEL Science seeks to inspire a love for science in people of all ages and backgrounds.

Following are the real reviews from the MEL Science customers to understand client needs better:

“MEL Science provides high quality kits that are easy to follow and fun for both parents and kids. I originally subscribed to supplement homeschooling and found them perfect for that need. I have found each one fascinating. These are easy to use, require very little prep or clean up, and the company provides extensive support. These kits are an extremely good value for the price.”

All the components of the kits are pre-prepared for the experiments. Parents don’t need to weigh or prepare anything additional. They only need to unpack the box, open the instruction, and start the experiment. Finishing it is just as easy – the experiments are very clean and safe, requiring no extensive cleanup afterward.

“This was a great experience for us! Our son is really into science and wanted to dive into hands-on experiments, but we were intimidated. After researching, we thought MEL would be just the ticket. He could see and do the science that sparked his interest, and we could have easy kits and instructions so we wouldn’t have to plan, shop, and prepare a curriculum. Perfect kits that were great prompts for play dates. We got to see how happy and excited every kid was to get to work through the experiments.”

MEL Science provides ready-made entertainment and education for children. Parents don’t need to come up with anything extra; they can enjoy spending time with their children while broadening their horizons. “In our plans, we aim to enter new markets in the near future and enhance our product offerings. We are working on introducing new experiments, kits, and online lessons soon. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we continue to evolve and expand our range of educational experiences!” concludes Vassili.

" In today’s tech-driven world, staying updated with the latest technologies is crucial for both parents and their children. That’s why MEL Science goes beyond just providing physical products and offers AR/VR technologies to enhance the learning experience. "

Vassili Philippov


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