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Is there a need for Technology to Secure the advancement in Technology?

Is there a need for Technology to Secure the advancement in Technology?

COVID – 19 has made it clear, about how ill-equipped few organizations are, concerning cybersecurity. Before the pandemic, the centralized set up in the workplace was secure for most of the organization, but now work from home has decentralized work into bits and, the enemy is always on the verge of attack.

Since digital shopping is the only way out in the pandemic, people are bypassing all the security norms online and going about purchasing goods on all the random new sites without even reading the clause. Hackers, once who struggled to enter the screen, are now trending everywhere. Surveys show us that in this pandemic, people are more interested in faster delivery of the regular necessities and are ready to override the personal security on the websites that are not so familiar. The targets are the tech zombies who are clinging to the system while working from home and are beyond the firewall range.

The work from home keeps most individuals clinging to the system and connecting people over various social connectivity media, and in this gap, they are again randomly connecting to job sites and offering all the personal details with an urgency to improve connections.

Also, if the laptop or a desktop is shared by more than one person, accessing some social media and just viewing a link from the hacker or downloading any malware will enable the hacker access all the credentials. Coming to the auto driven cars, once the Level 4 cars are full fledge in the market once can even access the AI and take over the charge of the driving and cause an accident. In level 3 cars though the driver is present and if there is a sudden extreme move of the steering because of hackers the panic-stricken driver ends up crashing the car. A hacker who will disrupt the self–driven car server can put the business of the particular automobile at stake.

As soon as the cybersecurity budget was reduced NASA started witnessing more cyber incidents. Most of the cyber incidents were because of improper usage, you reach a site violating the usage policy of the organization. This can also be possible by just connecting a device to the server. Many times Bring Your Device imposes a threat to the server whenever the devices connect to the server.

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master – Christian Lous Lange.


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