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InvolveSoft - Breaking the Barriers of Conventional Communication Approaches

InvolveSoft | Breaking the Barriers of Conventional Communication

Gaurav Bhattacharya

CEO and Co-founder

The quantity of people working remotely has been growing steadily for the last decade. It’s expected that remote workers now make up around 50% of the total US workforce, and according to a new study by IWG, as much as 70% of the global workforce now operates remotely at least once per week. This shift towards a more dispersed workforce has presented challenges for both businesses and remote workers, particularly in workplace communication.

As per the Igloo’s 2019 State of the Digital Workspace Report, most remote employees – 70% of them – seem forgotten at the workplace. Not only that but 21% of those employee’s rate ‘loneliness’ as one of their most prominent challenges. This lack of communication represents problematic for employers who work with a distributed workforce, particularly in IT, where effective knowledge sharing is often essential.

InvolveSoft started a SaaS platform designed to give C-Suites actionable insights on paths to enhance employee communication. While the platform works miracles across businesses, organizations with distributed workforces stand to profit the most. For instance, if a sales executive at the Dallas branch of an organization is disappointed, the C-Suite at headquarters can gossip about the situation and take appropriate action.

InvolveSoft was established by Gaurav Bhattacharya and Saumya Bhatnagar—who leads the company as its CEO and CTO, respectively—to make the workplace a promoting well-coordinated environment through productive interaction; one that nourishes a healthy work culture. Facilitating the former, the spontaneous and mobile-friendly platform sports a card-like interface and houses functionalities for e-mailing and text messaging. It blends with tools like Slack and SharePoint that are generally storehouses of relevant workplace information. The platform allows employees to communicate and express opinions via likes, comments, and sharing stories (posts and images). Users can also design and manage events. It supports admins create groups concerning teams, location, and interests and allows companies to customize the landing page’s content.

The mission-based company has incorporated a platform for managing, measuring, and growing a wide variety of corporate volunteerism programs and activities—such as building homes for the underprivileged, preparing meals, washing drives, and the like. The client onboarding process at InvolveSoft allows users to log into the platform using single sign-on integration. Following this, they require to provide details of the causes they are enthusiastic about, skills they can volunteer, and time allowed to volunteering.

The platform facilitates one-click event booking, simplifies creating events, and guides volunteering initiatives for clients across departments, cities, and countries with its proprietary algorithm. After an experience is booked, the InvolveSoft admin harmonizes with them to ensure participation. By promoting event management, the InvolveSoft platform enables the volunteering organizers or the HR department of the enterprise to set up the event on the platform and unite people. Further, highlights like invites, RSVP, and suggestions are available on the platform boost participation. Added to that, the platform’s social media-like features allow the admin to monitor volunteers, who can vote, add pictures, and comment on events. Brand reputation increases when the satisfied staff discusses it on social media, and B2C businesses often see an increase in ROI. The platform analyzes impact reporting by tracking customizable metrics on an automatic dashboard. The detailed information about the participants at an event, the time allocated to it, and its net impact display a healthy work culture and aids in popularizing the brand. The company’s platform attempts to bridge this gap by improving interpersonal communication among employees.

An HR Tech solution provider allows a comprehensive platform to allow business leaders to track and increase employees’ connections to their company. Through a SaaS platform designed to give C-Suites actionable insights on better ways to engage with employees, InvolveSoft is transforming how businesses communicate internally. The platform is built on a mobile-friendly, Instagram-type interface that promotes top-down outreach and bottom-up feedback. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the InvolveSoft workplace community platform produces actionable insight for C-Suites of organizations across various industries.

The success story of one of their clients best shows InvolveSoft’s value proposition. InvolveSoft assisted a Fortune 25 company with around 20,000 employees located around 160 different locations with different backgrounds. The problem was to streamline and automate internal communication, knowledge sharing as well as track employees’ feedback and event management for all of their employees. After integrating InvolveSoft, the client could observe a significant increase in the engagement factor and a rise in the enrichment level due to the community’s knowledge sharing.

CEO Saumya Bhatnagar understands that by communicating in a way that makes all employees feel treasured, employers can reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and help resolve retention issues. She says, “Making an impact, and knowing that your work concerns in the bigger picture is important. If it never comes down the chain of employment, it displays the reason for absenteeism and retention issues. It’s such a large problem that was not getting addressed. So, we thought, why not us!” Bhatnagar is keen to make a social impact via her work at InvolveSoft too. Having faced discrimination in the past, she plans to pave the way for women in tech and speaking out against gender prejudice.

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“The platform facilitates one-click event booking, simplifies creating events, and guides volunteering initiatives for clients across departments, cities, and countries with its proprietary algorithm.”

Gaurav Bhattacharya

CEO and Co-founder

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