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InfoVision | Purpose-driven Innovation-as-a-Service | Chithrai S Mani

Chithrai S Mani

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Businesses today are spoilt for choice with digital transformation solutions. They struggle to separate the need-to-have digital initiatives from the must-have, and to select digital solutions optimized for their business model and exclusive circumstances. As a result, they end up overpaying for innovation for the sake of it, rather than innovation that makes them truly future-ready and is tailor-made to their strategy, vision, and culture.

InfoVision bridges the gap by steering customized innovation-driven digital transformations catalyzed by InfoVision-owned products and accelerators. The company’s focus on purpose-driven innovation is the key differentiator. “Innovation at InfoVision is defined by our customers’ strategy and vision, leaving us with fewer limitations in terms of the latest tech used, creativity, and next-gen user journey designs, ” says Sean Yalamanchi, the Co-founder and President of InfoVision. “With this approach, innovation becomes the core of our solution delivery and the resting mental state of our digital architects. We call it Innovation-as-a-Service.”

The NxtGEN iLab, InfoVision’s research and innovation lab, drives innovation at scale and speed here. Headed by Chithrai Mani, the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at InfoVision and based out of Richardson Innovation Quarter, Dallas, it constitutes a team of 70+ domain and technology 

experts working on various products and accelerators basing emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, IoT, Computer Vision, AI/ML, big data analytics, digital twin, Virtual Reality, RPA, Edge Computing, LIDAR, Drone, and more. “NxtGEN iLab eliminates the silos that restrict innovation and enables us to draw from our transformations across industries, technologies, and verticals,” says Chithrai.

This NxtGEN iLab philosophy is evident in their recently launched omnichannel commerce engine – e-CommVerse. What sets it apart from traditional e-commerce engines is its gamut of built-in proprietary modules for fully autonomous store (called Smart Express Store), mobile-based Scan and Go checkout, e-Commerce portal, delivery app, pickup app, Quick-Shop app with AR experiences, POS, admin and store management components, IoT Shelves, blockchain-based supply chain management, drone inventory management, ML Recommendations, self-learning fraud detection, and many others – flexible to be deployed individually or together.

Inherently designed to be future-ready, this headless commerce engine boasts of a state-of-the-art Edge computing-based backbone with multi-cloud architecture and leverages the latest, most exciting technologies such as AI/ML, Blockchain, Computer Vision, IoT, AR, LIDAR etc. Overall, e-CommVerse seems to be uniquely positioned to launch retail experiences of the future. Each module it supports is a sophisticated product in itself, developed at the NxtGEN iLab and InfoVision offers end-to-end delivery of the modules and the commerce engine.

The Smart Express Store,  an autonomous store with checkout-free experience engineered at the NxtGEN iLab, puts InfoVision on the map as one of the few digital transformation leaders who can offer this technology as a ready-to-deploy solution. The NxtGEN iLab is a crucial part of InfoVision’s larger innovation ecosystem of diverse domain capability and thought leadership through co-innovation with clients and partners such as Tech Titans, RichardsonIQ, CompTIA Council, Forbes Technology Council, CAIML at University of Texas – Dallas, Applitools, MongoDB, and more.

Although InfoVision enjoys an industry-agnostic reputation as an enabler of digital disruption, it has a strong presence in retail, having undertaken massive transformation projects with leading retail and restaurant chains. It is distinguished by its fast turnarounds achieved through deep tech expertise, dedicated practices set up for emerging technologies, NxtGEN iLab’s accelerators, and an agile distributed delivery model with offices across US and India. Its key themes of modernization and transformation are said to be facilitated through a combination of communication, teamwork—with clients, through exclusive client partners, and within the team—and the innovation mindset.  “As a team, we are always thinking about how to do something better, how to make the user experience more intuitive, how to make the design more fail-safe, and how to bring in the latest, most exciting technology and make the solution future-proof, ” says Sean.

Through this agile and efficient model, InfoVision has managed to turn 90% of its clients into returning customers, forming strong long-term strategic associations within the industries. In an instance, a global telecom provider’s retail arm and a leading retail chain partnered with InfoVision to transform themselves digitally and unlock new revenue channels. “We have since seen them through a few milestones– a global-ready website, first cloud-based project, first integration of microservices, first foray into cloud-based serverless architecture, to a mobile app that has become a new revenue channel,” explains Raman Kovelamudi, the Co-founder and Executive VP at InfoVision. “We centralized their data and substantially reduced operational expenses. We have very recently pioneered a new retail format for them, and created a contactless purchase and promotion app that enables a direct cross-sell between their businesses.”

Given the unmet needs InfoVision is fulfilling in the digital transformation space, it is looking at a vast scope for growth and expansion. “We want to keep adding new emerging tech to our capability and keep upgrading businesses. We are branching out more and more in terms of the industries served and consequently, geographies,” says Raman. “It’s exciting for us to bring our interdisciplinary knowledge to new industries and adapt our solutions to them. We enjoy a good presence in the Retail, BFSI, Telecom, Technology, Healthcare, and Manufacturing spaces, and we have made a mark in many other industries as well.” InfoVision also explores new territory through its sister businesses, including Visual Collaboration Technologies – centered on the VCollab 3D Simulation Lifecycle Management product.

The vision of the company is conducive to expansion in new dimensions through a combination of technology and innovation. InfoVision’s strength lies in integrating many small differentiators in these dimensions to create massive competitive advantages for its clients – a quality that keeps them coming back for more. As a result, with its feet planted firmly on the growth pedal, InfoVision is a trendsetting force of digital transformation to watch out for in 2021

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“InfoVision combines technology and innovation in extraordinary ways at its NxtGEN iLab to create a long-term digital advantage for over 90% returning customers.”

Chithrai S Mani

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer of InfoVision

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