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iBASEt | Leading Provider of Industry 4.0 Solutions | Naveen Poonian

IBASEt | Leading Provider Of Industry 4.0 Solutions | Naveen Poonian

Naveen Poonian


iBASEt was founded in 1986 in Southern California to provide software solutions and implementation services that meet the needs of the growing Aerospace and Defense industry of the region. From these roots, the iBASEt team has emerged to become the leading provider of Industry 4.0 solutions that can simplify how complex discrete manufacturing companies operate.

One thing history has taught us is the importance of sharing knowledge, supporting integration, and maintaining compliance with industry standards. In the age of big data, we now live in a digital ecosystem world where data must be responsibly shared, governed, and secured. The iBASEt Digital Operations Suite has open APIs to ease collaboration, data sharing, and process integration as part of today’s transformation to becoming a model-based digital enterprise.

iBASEt has a rich history of product innovation. An early example is a realization that quality is best managed as an integrated production process. In 2020 the iSeries was launched as the world’s first industrial manufacturing software based on a microservices architecture. Product upgrades and performance improvements have never been easier! iBASEt continues to invest in new technologies and process innovation and our solutions continue to be best-in-class.

iBASEt delivers more than just software applications. They provide the data that drives the intelligence to operate with greater precision. Utilize the iBASEt Digital Operations Suite, powered by Solumina iSeries, to leverage advanced technologies, to expand your digital ecosystem, and drive Industry 4.0 strategies. Combine your iBASEt software solution with our partner and professional services expertise to enable the digital enterprise.

iBASEt Digital Operations Suite

The company’s three core solutions can be deployed individually or together to digitally transform your manufacturing, quality, and sustainment operations. Whether your goal is to improve one facility or transform an entire enterprise, the iBASEt Digital Suite can get you there.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Plan and execute production processes, manage people, processes and equipment across the shop floor, and bridge the gap between design and business systems.

MES software is a central technology of digital transformation. The right MES solution helps to tightly integrate all Industry 4.0 devices and software to become a digital ecosystem of technology and a unified source of data. The payoff of MES implementation is motivating complex manufacturers all over the world to engage in new initiatives that propel their operations forward.

In a complex business with a value chain spanning multiple locations and geographies, manufacturing operations can become siloed. Real-time visibility to operations performance and data can be obscured. Engineering change management and version control add further complexity. An iBASEt MES solution, powered by Solumina iSeries, can clear the fog by improving your visibility and control over every operations process. With a modern microservices architecture and open APIs, this MES can be deployed on the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid implementation. Pre-configured, best-in-class production process libraries and full device support accelerate time-to-value.

Supplier Quality Management (SQM)

Simplify supplier inspection planning, execution, and discrepancy correction while creating as-inspected history and documentation.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Digitize MRO process planning, execution, and over and above scope management while creating as-maintained history and documentation.

iSeries Architecture

iBASEt’s new iSeries is engineered for the modern industrial digital ecosystem. Based on a microservices architecture, the iSeries is transforming how complex manufacturing processes are managed and executed. Benefits include simplified integration, accelerated deployment without resource-intensive customization, and easier updates in the future. iSeries is available now with our MES solution (coming soon for SQM and MRO by the end of 2021).

Built-in EQMS

Quality is too important to leave to chance or as an option. That’s why Enterprise Quality Management is built into the core foundation of the iBASEt Digital Suite. This embedded capability is a critical iBASEt solution differentiation – none of our competitors can stand behind this claim. You benefit by having the tools to enforce quality as an embedded component, throughout your production operations.


Use our Add-ons to take your solution even further. iBASEt’s Manufacturing Intelligence is specifically designed to harness manufacturing data with the right metrics / KPIs built in. Our pre-configured connector packages simplify how your MES, SQM or MRO solution integrates with other enterprise applications, such as ERP and PLM applications. Achieve the vision of real-time visibility across operations with these proven integration packages to get productive quickly.

A world of services to simplify your challenges

Our track record of world-class implementations provides the experience and knowledge necessary to accelerate your industrial transformation. We will work with you to install and support our solutions anywhere in the world. Make sure you have access to the right data, delivered to the right person, to provide intelligent decision support as part of becoming a completely digital enterprise.

iBASEt, the company that simplifies how complex products are built and maintained, is supporting The Camaraderie Foundation in their support of individuals and military families who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Hosting the Camaraderie Foundation at iBASEt’s annual Excelerate Conference, taking place this week in Orlando, Fl., November 8 to 11, the Camaraderie Foundation presented their purpose and experience in supporting veterans with counseling, transition and support services for veterans returning to civilian life. iBASEt provided a momentous donation of funds and conference attendees had opportunity to support the Foundation, donating on site or via their mobile device.

“We are proud to promote and support the Camaraderie Foundation at our annual Excelerate conference, giving back to those who have served our country,” said Naveen Poonian, CEO of iBASEt. “iBASEt has a rich heritage supporting our armed forces by modernizing the manufacturing systems and processes that continue to transform the aerospace and defense industry. It’s especially gratifying to take this opportunity to raise awareness for the needs of our service members, veterans, and their families. We thank them for their tireless service.”

The Camaraderie Foundation provides healing for the “invisible wounds of war” through counseling, emotional, and spiritual support for all Military Service Members, Veterans, and their families. This includes access to mental health counseling services, at no expense, to Military Service Members, Veterans and their families to alleviate the stress associated with their transition from the Military back into society by building a strong community of support around them.

iBASEt Naveen Poonian Award

" iBASEt continues to invest in new technologies and process innovation and our solutions continue to be best-in-class. "

Naveen Poonian



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