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HiBob | The Right HR Partner | Ronni Zehavi

Ronni Zehavi

Co-Founder and CEO

HiBob is at the forefront of HR innovation, transforming the way organizations operate in the modern world of work with its award-winning HCM ‘Bob’. Its modular approach caters to the needs of multinational companies seeking agile technology and robust analytics to support operations across distributed workforces in the ever-evolving economic and workplace landscape. Companies using Bob are able to accelerate hiring, retain the best talent, upskill and elevate employee experience.

More than 3,500 global businesses serving hundreds of thousands employees worldwide  –  including Uala, The Josh Bersin Company Fiverr, The&Partnership, and VaynerMedia – appreciate its ease of use, high configurability and the ability to customize based on business requirements. The platform’s high adaptability and focus on people engagement and community creation are seen in its consumer-grade user interface, providing easy access to HR processes while fostering engagement.

Awarded one of the best places to work in 2023, HiBob’s global team of “Bobbers”come together to build the exceptional in an inclusive and empowering culture.

Fosway Group, a prominent European HR Tech analyst, has recognized HiBob, the innovative force behind the transformative HR platform, Bob, as a Core Leader in their 2023 9-Grid analysis of the Cloud HR market. This marks a notable progression from last year, when HiBob was positioned as a ‘Strong Performer’ in the 9-Grid™. This shift underscores the company’s exceptional enterprise win rate, delivery to customers, and the tangible impact it has had in real-world applications for its users.

A great example of HR  success using ‘Bob” can be seen with HiBob customer The&Partnership (T&P), the UK’s largest and Europe’s fastest-growing independent creative agency network, With a complex organizational structure spanning 30 sites, T&P sought to enhance company-wide engagement which they have been able to achieve using HiBob’s HR tech.  Through Bob’s homepage, internal news is shared, and employees can celebrate milestones with Shoutouts and Kudos, fostering a sense of belonging. T&P also leverages Bob to uncover employees’ unique skills and capabilities, enabling account managers to make more informed decisions when pitching for new accounts or campaigns.

Importantly, Bob’s People Analytics allows T&P to track diversity metrics and refine their diversity strategy according to local legal requirements. This data-driven approach has bolstered their ethical recruitment practices. In multiple ways, Bob has proved instrumental in managing T&P’s complex organizational structure, from driving engagement to facilitating tailored onboarding and providing valuable insights for DE&I efforts. The platform has become T&P’s central hub, replacing spreadsheets and emails and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Ronni Zehavi, CEO and Co-Founder of HiBob said: “Earning the title of Core Leader in Fosway’s 9-GridTM for Cloud HR analysis validates the approach we’re taking in engineering excellence and innovation are the right ones. It also applauds the exceptional efforts of our customer success teams in redefining how HR professionals empower their teams with Bob. This milestone reinforces our steadfast belief that customer-centricity and cutting-edge technology are the cornerstones for achieving higher enterprise wins and ensuring customer satisfaction.  A massive thank you to every member of our team for their passion and expertise in bringing this achievement to fruition. Together, we’re reshaping the playbook for success in today’s dynamic work environment.”

“The 2023 9-GridTM for Cloud HR has shown that some of the newer Suites to the HCM market are providing a robust challenge to the more established platforms through clear, people-centric functionality,” commented David Wilson, founder and CEO of Fosway Group: “HiBob continues to grow both their performance and capabilities for enterprise organisations, resulting in a rating as Core Leader this year.”

The Fosway 9-Grid™ is a unique, multi-dimensional market analysis model that helps buyers of next-generation HR, Talent, and Learning solutions across Europe evaluate their procurement options based on the right fit for purpose,  industry sector suitability, cost and ability to grow with customer needs.

It provides an understanding of the market, identifies the high-level actions that can help customer organizations, and aims to provide a practical reference and comparison point for all customer organizations with varying degrees of organizational complexity, fragmentation, and multinationalism.

The company recently accomplished its 102th tech partner. Bob now integrates with manifold tech solutions that cover the entire employee lifecycle providing integrations that power optimal efficiency across an organization without compromising data security, visibility, or governance.

For organizations dispersed across geographies and time zones, digital tools that increase efficiency are a must. Bob sits at the center of the tech stack, integrating with favorite global and local tech solutions, from applicant tracking systems (ATS) and benefits administration (BenAdmin) to cross-company collaboration tools and single sign-on, and everything in between,, streamlining workflows and creating a single source of truth for organization’s people, wherever they are working.

HiBob’s unwavering commitment to empowering HR professionals with cutting-edge tools and resources has led to the development of their expansive marketplace brimming with tech partners that seamlessly integrate to elevate the quality, features, and capabilities of the Bob platform. This milestone is not just a numerical accomplishment; it symbolizes the collective effort of a community dedicated to revolutionizing the way HR functions are performed.

The holistic approach to HR transformation through HiBob’s marketplace is pivotal in preparing companies for the future of work and the evolving expectations of employees. The rapid pace of digitalization requires organizations to adapt swiftly and nimbly. Access to a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies equips HR teams to spearhead digital transformation within their organizations. The future of work is not just about tools; it’s about the seamless amalgamation of technology and human-centric practices, and HiBob is at the forefront of making this a reality.

“The integration of these carefully curated tech partners ensures that HR professionals using HiBob have access to a plethora of specialized solutions at their fingertips. This leads to enhanced efficiency, streamlined processes, and ultimately, elevated employee experiences. Each partner brings a unique offering to the table, creating a synergy that empowers HR teams to tailor their strategies, adapt to changing landscapes, and stay ahead in the race for talent’, says Yoav Gur, VP Business Development at HiBob.

This milestone propels HiBob into an even more potent position for growth. Its enhanced marketplace opens new avenues for expansion and innovation. HiBob’s journey is not only about technological advancement but also about creating a growth engine that drives value for its users and stakeholders alike.

As HiBob achieves this landmark, it sets the stage for a future that marries innovation, growth, and human-centered technology. HiBob remains committed to driving the HR industry forward, enriching the lives of HR professionals, employees, and organizations as a whole.

" Earning the title of Core Leader in Fosway’s 9-GridTM for Cloud HR analysis validates the approach we’re taking in engineering excellence and innovation are the right ones. "

Ronni Zehavi

Co-Founder and CEO

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