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Heartland Retail | Unique Retail Management System

Heartland Retail | Unique Retail Management System | Andre Nataf

Andre Nataf

SVP Dealer Channel

There’s no doubt about it: Retail has been shaken up this year. But retailers are resilient, and with the right mindset and technology, they’re bouncing back better than ever. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce you to our latest product acquisition, Heartland’s powerful new Retail Point of Sale platform. Cloud-based and designed by industry veterans specifically for growing retailers, its built-in features are enterprise-grade yet very user-friendly:

  • Multi-channel inventory and order management.
  • Data-rich clientele dashboards.
  • Complete reporting of all data with truly custom fields.
  • Advanced purchasing & receiving tools.
  • Robust coupons & promotions features.
  • Best-in-class e-commerce integrations.

Retailers everywhere are using it to streamline operations, sell more, and grow profitably.

Heartland Retail was designed by a team of retailers based on their first-hand struggle to find a flexible, data-centric Point of Sale that they loved to use. Intuitive and user-friendly, without sacrificing the features retailers need to stay agile among changing market conditions.

“We take our customers’ success personally because we’ve walked in your shoes and know that even the smallest detail is critical. That’s why we continue to focus on providing enterprise-grade features and functionality, but more importantly, exceptional value and customer satisfaction—just like you do,” says the company’s website. “We’re dedicated to building the best retail management platform so you can focus on delivering the first-class customer experiences that will help you grow profitably and thrive.”

Heartland understands that not everyone’s a tech wizard and that retailers come from all walks of life. Their POS is built to be user-friendly without sacrificing performance. Save on training and IT costs with a proven solution that solves their inventory and reporting problems while also making it easy for their front-line associates to deliver exceptional customer experiences. But don’t just take it from Heartland: Retailer HandPicked, with 16 stores and counting, reports that their associates were up and running on the POS in an hour, as opposed to days with their previous system!

Heartland can deliver it the solution on any device, anytime, anywhere. And, if the client’s device isn’t being used as a “selling station” (not used to ring up sales), then it’s free. Heartland empowers the client’s team to dig into the data wherever they are: on a buying trip, at 11 PM while creating an email campaign, or with their morning coffee. Heartland Retail is in the cloud, refreshing data by the minute and readily accessible whenever users need it. “There’s a place for intuition, but to grow in retail today, you need data: data to drive decisions from staffing and buying to merchandising and marketing. Really get to know your business and understand what drives your customers,” says the company’s website. “Capitalize on trends and act quickly when you’ve identified things like low sell-through, margin and conversions. Collect the data that is meaningful to your business and report on it with any combination of metrics and filters. Get granular, dive into the data and most importantly, use it to make the decisions that fuel your growth.”

From a single store to a growing franchise with over 50 locations, Heartland Retail POS was built to accommodate retail of any size and scale. Flexibility is built in their DNA, from their developer-friendly open API to the integrations with top technology platforms, affording them a premium end-to-end solution. Scale up or down seamlessly, and rest assured that the organization using Heartland’s software will always be up to date with the latest feature releases. “Think of us as an extension of your team: ready, willing and able to solve problems and grow with you. Customers expect a seamless shopping experience, so give them one!” they say. “Access inventory in real time and place orders across all stores, warehouses or online — giving proper credit where it is due. Streamline your management process, ship and fulfill easily with our alerts widget and create special orders when customers are ready to buy.”

The right tools let users manage inventory efficiently while helping to boost their margin and sell-through. Create custom fields to track inventory in any way imaginable, then build custom inventory reports that help organizations balance their stock across all channels. No more dead or depleted inventory, which ultimately means happy customers! Companies can use Heartland’s solution to build their retail business one relationship at a time with built-in customer management tools. Users can add any custom field they want to their customer profile, from “favorite color” to “kids’ names,” and use that data to deliver exceptional personalized experiences. With rich data collected and captured on each transaction, the customer dashboard will tell the story they need to engage personally, giving every customer a reason to share the love.

Heartland Retail Award

“We take our customers’ success personally because we’ve walked in your shoes and know that even the smallest detail is critical.”

Andre Nataf, SVP Dealer Channel

SVP Dealer Channel

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