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Future of Maritime Solutions Summit

Future of Maritime Solutions Summit

Implementing short term planning within a long term decarbonisation vision

23 – 24 March 2022 | Gdansk, Poland

Wisdom Announces First Physical Event Post-COVID of its Maritime Portfolio – the Future of Maritime Solutions Summit Will Feature Groundbreaking Discussions and an Exclusive Site Visit to the Port of Gdansk Authority 

Wisdom is back with its physical events and has proudly announced the Future of Maritime Solutions Summit to be held on 23 – 24 March 2022 at Gdansk, Poland. The event will welcome some of the most important names in the industry to discuss the maritime community’s efforts to achieve a carbon-neutral future. It also features an exclusive site visit to the Port of Gdansk Authority on 22 March 2022.

The event will look into the upcoming industry transformations, goals and targets, key practical issues and difficulties faced by the industry, as well as the most recent global activities and solutions impacting daily operations, cargo trade, and the industry as a whole. An excellent platform for learning from senior industry representatives, the event also promises to be instrumental in helping companies connect with key industry representatives.

The Future of Maritime Solutions Summit will feature case studies, panel discussions, and sessions purely based on industry research and will also provide a holistic insight into the future of maritime supply chain operations and interconnections between its players. The site visit will be a bonus opportunity for the attendees to widen their knowledge and network.

The two-day event will count on 4 advisory members and 20+ speakers from leading global organisations like Port of Gdansk Authority, Solvang ASA, Port of Amsterdam, HAROPA Port of Le Havre, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and many more.

Key Topics:

  • Welcoming presentation by the Port of Gdansk Authority
  • Rethinking realistic strategy towards maritime decarbonisation: ports, operators, and shipping perspectives
  • Working together with supply chain players towards business sustainability and decarbonisation
  • Analysing the most efficient solutions from the life cycle perspective – part 1: pros and cons of traditional and alternative fuels; part 2: integrating fuels with technology and onboard maintenance
  • Global examples of ports’ strategy towards decarbonisation and infrastructure innovation
  • Evaluating industry’s holistic reinvention framework: upgrading and rebuilding brands
  • Practical and clear implementations of existing and future maritime regulations, standards, and targets
  • Ports digitalisation: making the most of the cutting edge technologies accelerating ports’ operation flow
  • Evaluating the cost of decarbonisation: optimising investment schemes, needs, and solutions

The summit will offer remarkable opportunities to the attendees to understand the perspectives of port authorities, operators, shipping companies, and other important players, and gather crucial knowledge and understanding to implement short-term strategies to achieve long-term decarbonisation goals. The Early Bird offer is valid till 17 December 2021 for special discounts on registration. For more information, please visit

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