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Today’s industries face a compelling need to be both competitive and innovative. Factories are moving from being product driven to customer driven at a remarkable pace, all of which would potentially result in them being highly efficient.
Saudi Arabia is among the industrial world’s fastest-growing countries, with substantial investments in production, distribution, and supply chain domain. The manufacturing industry is expected to increase in accordance with established R&D facilities, government backing, modern infrastructure, and business friendly laws, thanks to the formation of SIDF (Saudi Industrial Development Fund) and other incentives that aid industrialization.
Verve Management presents to you a Two-Day Virtual Conference, Future Factories Summit KSA 2021, on 25th and 26th October 2021 from 10:00am to 5:00pm (Gulf Standard Time), which will serve as a knowledge platform to discuss various topics such as artificial intelligence in manufacturing, industry 5.0, digital touchless support services and more, all in line with Saudi Arabia’s industrial growth.
The event will feature a number of well-known speakers from across the globe. Moreover, various panel discussions and Q&A sessions held throughout the course of the two-day conference will help attendees understand the impact of digital transformation in industrial sectors today.
Attendees will also have ample opportunity to network with other industry professionals and participate in a number of minor contests hosted during the breaks.
By attending the conference, regional manufacturers will gain a deeper understanding of how several cutting-edge technologies can be applied in the manufacturing industry to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, such as how AR and VR can be applied for error detection and quality assurance. Industry leaders seeking to undergo digitally informed productions should take advantage of this event.
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