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Evette Partners with Shepherd Software for the Vet Industry

Evette, a leading provider of veterinary relief staffing, and Shepherd Veterinary Software, the fastest-growing veterinary practice information management system (PIMS) in the United States, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration. This partnership aims to tackle the critical shortage of veterinary professionals plaguing the animal healthcare industry.

The veterinary industry faces a well-documented staffing crisis. High burnout rates and growing demand for veterinary services have created a significant gap between available professionals and patient needs. This shortage can lead to longer appointment wait times, limited care access, and increased stress on existing veterinary staff.

Evette and Shepherd Software’s joint solution represents a strategic effort to address this complex challenge. The collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies:

  • Evette’s Expertise in Relief Staffing:Evette boasts a well-established network of qualified relief veterinarians and veterinary technicians. This network allows them to connect veterinary practices with skilled professionals to fill staffing gaps and ensure continuity of care for animal patients.
  • Shepherd Software’s Technology Platform:Shepherd’s PIMS platform streamlines practice workflows and facilitates efficient communication. Through this collaboration, Evette’s relief staff will gain seamless access to critical patient information and practice protocols within the Shepherd platform, ensuring a smoother integration into existing workflows.

This combined approach offers a multifaceted solution to the veterinary staffing shortage. Evette’s network of relief professionals helps alleviate immediate staffing gaps, while Shepherd’s technology fosters a more efficient and supportive work environment for both permanent and relief staff.

The collaboration also signifies a commitment to long-term solutions. By fostering collaboration and streamlining workflows, the partnership aims to create a more attractive and sustainable work environment for veterinary professionals, potentially mitigating burnout and encouraging retention within the industry.

The full details of the joint solution are still under development, but it is expected to launch in the coming months. Veterinarians and veterinary practices across the country will be able to access this solution through both Evette and Shepherd Software’s platforms.

This collaboration between Evette and Shepherd Software represents a significant step forward in addressing the veterinary staffing crisis. By leveraging their combined expertise in staffing and technology, they aim to create a more efficient and supportive veterinary healthcare environment, benefiting animal patients and the dedicated professionals caring for them.

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