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EPay Europe – Shaping the future of the payment industry

Epay Summit Europe returns for its 2nd year but this time, we’re going live in London on the 19th May 2022!

After a very successful virtual launch event back in April which saw 1000+ attendees, Epay Europe returns to deliver a unique forum for collaboration between payment providers, banking, retail and telecommunications leaders to shape, de-risk and simplify payments moving forward.

With the payments ecosystem becoming increasingly vast and complex, the range of products & services available to consumers continues to increase at a rapid pace. As a result, the ecosystem is a labyrinth of partnerships and collaboration in a race to be continuously agile, innovate and deploy new payment methods.

To reflect the market, Epay Europe will be 100% discussion led. We are ditching the Power Points and instead focusing on six key talks delivered by a unique combination of industry experts who will share key takeaways that you can apply to your business immediately.

Our talks will focus on:

  • Data driven payments services – the only way to gain a competitive edge?
  • New methods of payments: We are very close to real-time payments but who are we leaving behind?
  • Distributed Ledger Technology: The answer for cross border?
  • Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS): The answer to the API Banking Gap?
  • Game changing retail with a seamless payments experience
  • Digital ID: Is it the future of striking the balance between customer experience and security?

Register today and be part of the global conversation, to help shape digital payments and the way money will ‘move and be managed’ in the future:

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