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Embracing a Gen Z mindset for your Business

Embracing a Gen Z mindset for your Business

There has been no shortage of tragedy amid all of the uncertainty like the covid pandemic, but the world has also responded to challenges like never before. We joined to support diversifying corporate boards and fostering inclusive workplace environments. Gen Z is at the heart of these paradigm shifts, a loud generation dedicated to making the world a better place because, quite candidly, they don’t have a choice.

That is why leaders at all levels need to embrace a Gen Z perspective now that we’ve joined the 2022 bandwagon of uncertainties and possibilities.

Gen Z, which spans the ages of ten to twenty-five, grew up in an era of unparalleled access to knowledge and falsehoods. They were raised with a critical eye for nonsense, unlike previous generations. In fact, research shows that baby boomers spread four times more bogus than Gen Z. Simply put, they want transparency and don’t like being misled or lied to.

Corporate culture has permitted a lack of accountability for far too long. The next leader is given the task of identifying problems and proposing solutions. Our younger generation is demonstrating that they will not tolerate inaction. In addition, they also share a few common traits: they’re tired of firms greenwashing them, as they value proof and quantification of results.

The coming of age of Generation Z was a key part of the collective awakening we had in 2021. As children of baby boomers and older millennials, and despite the fact that they are only entering the job market, their style of thinking is already impacting our staff and traditional organizational values. They’re also shaking up in the investment world.

For far too long, businesses have desired to reap the benefits of their shareholders without having to listen to their concerns. But with this generation, that is changing. When it comes to investing or purchasing, this generation is eager to use its influence, and they expect businesses to do the right thing. Ignoring this fact can be disastrous for a company.

By 2025, Gen Z will make up a quarter of the workforce, and we’re already seeing them go where they can make a difference. And, if you’re a leader looking to acquire new people after a year of cutbacks, then you ought to think like a Gen Z and analyze what your purpose is and why it matters on a macro level.

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