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Electronic Medical Record – Digital Approach To Health care

Electronic Medical Record – Digital Approach To Health care

Electronic Medical Records provide a wide range of information. Physical history and the physical order of the patient. A detailed update about the patient’s insurance and also demographic data. EMR is also inclusive of radiology, pathological reports, and a list of medication allergies. EMR enables tracking medical history over a dispersed period. EMR also facilitates access to medical data by different health care professionals in case of emergency. Scheduled appointments like blood pressure check-up, sugar profiles, vaccination that might be otherwise forgotten by the patient can be tracked. EMR records are universal and are available with just a finger click.

For a Health Care setup acclimatizing the EMR will be beneficial and cost-saving. The overall expenditure on paperwork will be decreased. The reports will be error-free generated digitally, and there is no manual feeding into the system. Hence it also ensures minimum manpower for execution. The billing process will be faster and error-free. Prescriptions are available online, for elderly people ordering the medicines online becomes much easier. Whenever the doctor is unavailable or busy with other patients the EMR enables a primary analysis by the assistants and the junior doctors. Attending an emergency becomes simpler with EMR, where the primary tests and the analysis can be bypassed.

Health care facility and patient care can be improved with EMR. EMR software enables the family of the patient to be aware of health issues. The family members can be more involved and updated about the patient. The EMR not only provides the details of the visit also the next scheduled appointments. Prescribed tests, medication, and the fore coming check-up are updated immediately without any time lag. Such an arrangement helps to guide the family members to understand the disease and treatment in case of cancer or any disease of such kind. 

Patient-specific education can also be possible with EMR so that the patient can take necessary precautions and care whenever and wherever necessary. In EMR software, the doctors share related articles, presentations, and also images to help patients and their families. Such uploads help the patients to make necessary lifestyle changes. Since EMR is universal, changing the doctor is easier. Because the new health care provider will have the end to end access to all the patient history. Patient portals help to book the appointments without visiting the hospitals. In total EMR improves efficiency and quality. EMR also maintains the privacy of the patients along with all the related health care information.

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