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Easing the Retail Business Post Pandemic – Augmented Reality

Easing the Retail Business Post Pandemic – Augmented Reality

The shift into digital retailing has leaped this pandemic. The advancement that was expected in the next five years has effectively developed in the past 5-months. The try-before-buy is possible from clothing to furniture, from gadgets to automobiles. Augmented Reality has become the key factor for the retail business. 

Trying jewelry virtually is possible with augmented reality. One can try different earrings and the necklace virtually. The customer can buy what suits them the best. Retailers selling beauty products to maintain the standards of social distancing and hygiene have taken up augmented reality. The cosmetic suiting the skin tone can be tested virtually and bought. The virtual cosmetic trial app has been a hit in the pandemic where millions of customers try the products from different brands. AR face filters have enhanced the business of beauty products by tenfold. 

Assessing the products has been the greatest challenge for the customers and, selling the products has been tedious for retailers. Augmented Reality has been the one-stop solution in this pandemic. The market analysis shows that the retailers who have chosen augmented reality have seen a surge in sales compared to others in the market. The conversion rate has been higher using augmented reality as the customer relies on what he has tried and seen. 

Some brands have developed the selfie lens feature to try the apparels as the customer would do in the stores. Advancing further some brands have used the augmented reality to make the customers much comfortable by allowing friends to shop together, online. Here the co-watching is possible where two people who are at a distance can go shopping together virtually in this pandemic. Digital entertainment also engages and attracts youngsters. Shopping and gaming are combined with augmented reality. Here a group of friends can be playing games online and shopping simultaneously. 

Augmented Reality not only assists online shopping but is smart enough to suggest the products based on the search in the applications. A person who buys a home decor is suggested the supporting and complementing decor. Similarly, a person who buys particular clothing is assisted with accessories that complement the purchase. AR also keeps a check of products in the cart and alters the offers available on the product. AR analyses the activity of the customer and strategizes sales. The retail business has found the uphill path in this pandemic through AR. 

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