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Delivering the Most Advanced Software | Karl Bohlin

Delivering the Most Advanced Software | HansaWorld | Karl Bohlin

Karl Bohlin


In today’s modern world, having a fully digitized business system is an operational need. HansaWorld is experienced with remote working, and their in-built tools have made collaboration across their global team successful for many years. The current COVID-19 pandemic is a great example of this, and the company is seeing businesses that have adapted quickly to working remotely win. Standard ERP’s Digital Office suite is an entirely paperless and collaborative digital work environment. It goes beyond traditional office management practices allowing employees to accomplish business tasks anywhere at any time. Standard ERP Digital Office combines many functional tools such as communications, time management, and business approvals into one easy-to-use application.

HansaWorld was established in Sweden in 1988 and has never since stopped its development, now with over 550,000 companies located in over 120 countries with full compliance with local requirements, available in 30 languages and representatives worldwide. Their benefits include Hybrid Cloud, available on all major platforms and devices; Scalable to fit current and future business needs; Unrivalled performance and speed; Low hardware investment and consulting requirements; Most business software needs in just one out of the box solution.

HansaWorld has marked its journey with countless tech awards like the prestigious Stevie Award for ‘Best New Product or Service of the Year – Software – Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution’ for the two years in-a-row.

The company offers various industry-specific modules that we develop in-house, for example, Production, Point of Sales, Warehouse Management, Hospitality, Retail – all in one application. The system can be customized and tailored to individual business demands and run on all major platforms with almost any device. The company’s customer portal, MyStandard, provides users full administrative control over the server hosting their company. “We hope industries will be greatly benefitted with this product. It’s a personalized web portal that allows you to control your server wherever you are from any device, removing the need for expensive IT staff. We are unique with this type of technology – 10 years ahead of the competition,” adds Karl Bohlin, CEO of HansaWorld.

Standard ERP’s application logic is in Hansa Application Language (HAL), an engine and a powerful tool for building and customizing business applications. “Three decades ago, we began in the Mac reality and to make the application work we had to move the application logic to where the server was – which meant we were cloud ready before people began to want it – back then Apple supplied bad network so we had to build something that was cloud ready ourselves,” says Bohlin. “HAL was specifically designed to take very little time and be very easy to learn. Our code base is maintained in pristine shape. We have our own Database so speed and stability are a big advantage for us, it also brings the cost of ownership down.”

According to many of their customers, Standard ERP is great retail business software, from POS and CRM to Inventory, on-demand, comprehensive reporting and offline sync; it noticeably enhances productivity, optimizes customer lifecycle and sales pipeline, and gives the tools for an informed and effective decision-making process. Most other systems’ cloud offering is a web client so they cannot deal with internet interruptions or slow speeds. Standard ERP has a native client and does not have this problem.

Standard ERP’s Point of Sale (POS) module is a powerful solution designed to streamline retail environments. With the POS module, users can access real-time reporting, a detailed financial overview, and inventory management. “CRM is built into the system allowing you to accurately capture customer information, as well as track purchase activity, market your products with precision and efficiency, properly segmenting your customers and targeting them with increased conversion rates,” explains Bohlin. “The POS module is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Standard ERP and therefore allows for every aspect of the retail environment to be managed through a single platform.”

Bohlin and the entire team of Hansaworld are constantly polishing their product, extending their offering per what the client needs. “We are working well with customers in multiple locations that speak multiple languages and we are making life easier for those that have experienced issues when trying to integrate other products or consolidate reporting from different systems in different locations/languages. Now with integrations with eBay, Amazon and Mercado libra for LATAM we are making moving retail online even more painless and quick.”

Rolling is a full office service company selling, delivering, and servicing a wide range of office equipment, supplies, household goods, and groceries for Latvia and Estonia businesses. It was rapidly growing, and it became evident that a strong web presence was the key to B2B sales in their field of business, with customers demanding a one-stop webshop for all their office needs. The company was using multiple systems to run its business. The owner began searching for alternatives that could deliver all the needed functionality in a single system, eventually concluding the only solution that could meet the requirements of their multifaceted company was Standard ERP. The key was uniting their aggressive direct sales channel with a webshop and offering quick service and delivery. Using Standard ERP, all of this was possible after implementing the built-in webshop, integrating with communications for call tracking, offering real-time inventory levels to both sales staff and customers, and providing a variety of self-service options to end-users. “Together with the team of Burti Ltd., we’ve been working on the implementation and customization of Standard ERP, thereby achieving my vision for how an enterprise should operate,” says Bohlin. “One of the most compelling elements of our cooperation is, with the help of Standard ERP, our employee efficiency has risen by 30%. Even in the midst of the global financial crisis, the enterprise not only maintained its turnover with respect to previous years, but managed to increase it.”

The company plans to continue to grow in current markets and expand into new ones for the road ahead. “HansaWorld has been Recognized by SIIA as Best AI Solution in 2020; HansaWorld’s AI Virtual Assistant, Anna, has been named the Best Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Content Solution winner of 2020, as part of the annual SIIA CODiE Awards,” says Bohlin. “The prestigious CODiE Awards recognizes companies producing the most innovative business technology products across the country, and around the world.”

Karl Bohlin HansaWorld award

“SERP is at the heart of operations of most retail organisations, providing a single source of data and the ability to automate many mundane and repetitive tasks. We hope the industry will greatly benefit from our accessible, affordable and scalable product with a variety of industry-specific modules; all in one application.”

Karl Bohlin


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